10 Out Of This World Ideas When Decorating A Chic Space-Inspired Bedroom

Raise your hand if you have, at least once in your life, had created a “starry night” bedroom theme with green glow in the dark star stickers on your wall and ceiling.

These cheap, glowing stickers of stars have been a significant part of our childhood since they resembled the twinkling canopy above us. We all used to have a fascination with stars and other heavenly bodies million miles away from the earth and we want them on our own bedroom.

But as we become adults, that obsession with “everything astronomy” waned. Or did it?

If your child-like heart never stopped being fascinated with the celestial trend and you want to transform your bedroom into a space-themed haven that’s out of this world (in the most stylish way possible), here are some fun decorating elements to keep in mind.

1. Galaxy-inspired Bedding

Want to rest your body in the middle of the milky way, or clasp the entire universe in your hands? Now you can. Update your pillowcases and bed linens with galaxy-inspired ones.

They come in vibrant colors too. If you’re fond of astrological signs, constellation throw pillows might be the ones you’re looking for.

2. Custom Space-Inspired Furniture and Art

Next, to light fixtures, beddings, and wall murals, think of splurging a little on custom furniture which will give your bedroom an additional level of cosmic wonder.

Rocketship-inspired ottoman. Star-shaped floating shelf. You may think outside of the box and take inspiration from this zero-gravity bed of a themed suite. If you don’t have the budget for furniture pieces, compensate with the selected galactic-themed art collections like wall art, figurines, and even astronomy books with cool covers.

3. A Gallery Wall of Metallics

Because a wall with cheap glowing stickers is so outdated and child-like. If you want a space-themed wall while thinking of aesthetics, metallics are your friend.

Consider a grouping of statement mirrors in mixed metals in your gallery wall. Sunburst mirrors are a great option. Add a few small metal star accents in gold and silver to enhance the sparkling otherworldly look. If this gleaming, glimmering look is too fancy to be kept inside your bedroom, consider displaying them on the living room; on a focal wall or above your living room couch.

4. String Lights and Fairy Lights

There’s nothing more enchanting than a cozy bedroom filled with luminous string lights. Hang several strands from the ceiling, then put them on the headboard of your bed. With string lights illuminating the dark-filled room, you can experience the appearance of the night sky without leaving your bed.

Fairy lights are the smaller cousins of string lights, which have the power to insert a whimsical fairy-like vibe in the room. They are versatile. You can hang them atop your bed as usual. You can also have them clustered in a glass cloche. If you’ve got a lot of drama in your personality and you happen to have a bed canopy, you can turn your bed magical by adding fairy lights to the sheer fabric.

5. Sputnik Chandelier

Love to have an out of this world statement light fixture? You can never go wrong with Sputnik chandeliers. Due to its size, span, and odd shape, they really are good at being the center of attention. They have an otherworldly, space-age appearance and they can be an interesting, unexpected element in the middle of a fresh, modern space.

Chandelier too fancy for your taste? Even pendant lights and lamps with cosmo-inspired prints, like constellations, will suffice.

6. Galactic Ceiling and Wall

Looking at the sky spangled with stars while lying comfortably on your bed is quite a dream for the most of us. If you can’t afford to install skylights to see the stars, you may consider updating your ceiling.

Transform your ceiling and wall into heavenly pieces of art by painting it with deep blue, purple, and pink tones, and add little glowing stars. 3D murals are also a great steal if you can’t paint. Consider adding a blacklight to emphasize the white and neon details.

7. Floating Solar System with Miniature Planets

Wouldn’t it be nice if your small globe has other planet friends and you can see them “hanging out” in the ceiling as you relax on your bed?

Consider incorporating planet miniatures in your design and create a mini version of the solar system on top of your head. If you have a flush mount ceiling light, it could pass as the sun.

8. Moon Wall Mural

Starry night-themed rooms, with midnight blue walls and ceilings and hundreds of glittering stars, is a no-brainer for an outer space-inspired design. However, stars aren’t the only great thing in the cosmos – the moon shines brightly too.

If you can’t bring yourself to the moon, why not bring the moon in your bedroom?

A 3D realistic moon mural wallpaper gives the ambiance that your bedroom sits in the sky, near the moon. If a full wall mural seems too much of a commitment, try using it for your door, and create the illusion that you have a portal to the moon. The simple monotonous approach, with no cute ornaments, is perfect for teens and adults.

9. Galaxy Blinds

If you’re not a morning person, these galaxy blinds will give you a great reason to love the morning sunshine. It shelters you from the harsh sun while using your weakness (daylight) to create something you’d love to see. Now you can enjoy looking at the twinkling galaxy even in broad daylight.

10. Spaceship Cabin-inspired Room

Sleeping on a spaceship is an impossible dream for the most of us, The least we can do is to decorate a standard bedroom into looking like you’re in a spaceship cabin, flying on the outer space and snoozing among the stars and galaxies. You need the help professional home builders.

The perfect combination of custom space-themed furniture, realistic wall murals and thoughtful placement of LED lights made the room shown above a paradise for space lovers. However, it’s quite pricey, given the electricity costs and the price of premium furniture.

Carmina Natividad
Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW's most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter. She loves writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.

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