10 Subtle Ways To Adorn Your Home With Gold

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Gold never gets old.

Next to wearing it as a piece of jewelry, gold works well when incorporated into one’s home interior design. Decorating with metallics, like gold, is not only trendy; with its lustrous and elaborate finish, gold has the power to add glam and glitz to an otherwise dull, average home.

The problem is, some homeowners shy away from using gold and other metallics, thinking they’re too flashy and overwhelming. So here I share 10 ways to effectively decorate every room with gold without going overboard.

1. Start with plain furniture pieces with golden accents

A simple piece of furniture can be elevated using gold accents. Think about furnishings with hints of gold like kitchen cabinets and drawers with gold handles, door with a golden knob, and tables and seating pieces with gold frames. A dash of gold adds a formal touch to an otherwise casual furniture piece.

2. Expose your golden plumbing

People tend to hide plumbing details for obvious reasons. Turn things around by using gold finishes for your piping. A little spray paint that works on metals can do the trick. Next to sprucing up your plumbing details, coat other metal elements (sink, faucet, and even trash bins) in gold for a uniform look.

3. Turn bathroom fixtures into gold

Upgrade your regular cramped bathroom into a space fit for a king. Bathrooms have a lot of metallic elements and these give you the opportunity to go wild with gold.

Why settle for a standard silver/nickel/chrome showerheads and faucets if you can bathe like a true royalty with golden ones? Take it up a notch by giving the vanity set, mirror, towel racks and rings, even your toilet flush handle a Midas’ touch.

4. Stun with a gold statement piece

Want a particular piece of furniture to stand out from the rest? Besides red, I cannot think of a perfect hue that screams “center of attention” other than gold.

If you’re fascinated with chairs, you may love the idea of a bold statement couch adorned with intricate carvings and lustrous upholstery, or a daring metallic throne-like toilet seat. If you’re obsessed with light fixtures, a grandiose chandelier never fails to catch the eye. And who wouldn’t love having a fabulous statement mirror as a focal point?

Whatever that is, you can never go wrong with gold.

5. Fancy up your light fixtures

Punching up your good ‘ol lampshade can only be a touch of gold leaf away. Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets and is usually used for gilding. A gold lining to your old lampshade pairs well with the warm glow of Edison bulbs. You can also pair a neutral lampshade with a gold base to add a touch of glamour to your room.

Aside from gilding, going for a brass pendant light or ceiling fixture give the dull space something to look up to – literally. Chandeliers and decorative hanging lights are commonly found on bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, so try to place one somewhere unexpected – perhaps in your bathroom.


6. Sit your books on a million-dollar bookcase

Do you want to give new life to your old bookcase? A quick and easy DIY gold spray paint job is one way to add some pizzazz. Just spritz some gold paint on the frames of an open back bookcase. If it’s not an open bookcase, you can add a gold leaf inside the case to make it look like a million bucks.

7. Let your beautiful photographs shine

Photographs, like gold, are precious. Your beloved wedding photo, your child’s very first pictorial, and the photo of your first trip to Disney World deserve to be displayed in a lustrous frame with intricate borders.

If you’re going to create a gallery wall, you can either stick to one size and design for all frames or mix frames of different shapes, sizes, and textures. Golden photo frames look glamorous when exhibited against a plain backdrop of any hue.

8. Put on a gilded statement wallpaper

One great way to take your home design game a step further is by adding a statement backdrop. And when it comes to making a big statement, wallpapers with dazzling gilded designs never disappoint.

Gilded wallpapers come in a wide variety of styles, from plain gold matte to loud geometric patterns. You may paper an entire room or adorn an accent wall.

9. Use gold home accessories as accents

Not ready to commit to a whole piece of furniture in gold finishes? Think about your home accessories.

It’s as if you are using golden pieces of jewelry to accessorize an outfit. Home accessories that shimmer such as golden flower vases, candle glasses, figurines, lamps, wall art, and throw pillows and blankets easily glam up the room. Even something so tiny, like golden decorative balls for a coffee table centerpiece, can be a stunner.

10. Mix metallics wisely

Seeing nothing but glimmering versions of yellow and brown all over can be a bit jarring for the sight. To avoid getting overwhelmed, try mixing gold with other metallic finishes like silver, bronze, copper, rose gold.

Another way to create balance is by combining matte and glossy finishes. Have a great mix of shiny gold and antique brushed brass, as well as bright and unsaturated hue in your home decor.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW’s most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter.

Carmina Natividad
Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW's most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter. She loves writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.

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