10 Unconventional Ways To Adorn Your Home With Greenery

Whenever you feel like your space is becoming dull and lifeless, we all know that one simple go-to way to enliven your home – adding a hint of greenery.

Psychology tells us that green is the color of life, renewal, freshness, and harmony. And if you’re looking for a way to decorate with the refreshing and calming hue of nature, nothing beats decorating with plants. Apart from bringing life to a seemingly sterile place, plants, whether they’re real or faux, also have the natural ability to soften edgy décor.

When using greenery as a piece of décor, we tend to put them in a nice vase or pot, place it on a shelf, and that’s it. But if you want to be creative, you may check out these 10 fun and unconventional ways to display lush greeneries in your home. Think of countless ferns, shrubs, and vines to work with.

1. Create a terrarium with an old lantern

If you happen to have a few old and unused lanterns laying around, you may bring them back to life using greenery. Transform your lantern into a terrarium. Aside from green plants, you can gather twigs, soil, and some rocks to achieve the “miniature garden” look. Place them on a coffee table, dinner table, or sideboard table.

2. Embellish your candle holder

A simple glass pillar candle holder with a few sprigs of boxwood shrub makes a nice coffee table centerpiece or a mantle decor. You can also make a candlestick holder out of clear glass wine bottles. Just add water and put some rosemary, fern, or magnolia leaves. Want something that would last all year long? Go for faux versions.

3. Punch up white walls with draped succulents

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Trailing succulents look great when placed in hanging planters and baskets. Aside from these common containers, you can use these lovely strings of greens to punch up white walls. Pothos would be a great one, to begin with since they grow well in low-lit places like the bathroom, and in bright places like the balcony. This is your chance to transform your boring white bathroom into a jungle-themed spa you’ve always dreamed of.

4. Dress your bed frame

Greenery can also transform your bedroom into a place that looks taken from your favorite fairytale. Garlands, for instance, look stunning when woven through a bed frame or put as a table runner. A simple fern and ivy garland would do. If you want it to be long-lasting, you can pick up a few faux arrangements at any craft store.

5. Hang a variety of succulents with style

A hanging planter approach never fails to catch someone’s eye. You may put them near your windows where they can be reached by the sun. You can also fill the blank wall in your living room with suspended plants.

Image Via: Homedit

Ditch your old, traditional planters and look for artsy containers. If you want something chic and modern, you may opt for a brass geometric holders or copper hangers. Glass jars and bowls can also be used for a lovely see-through effect. It would also look more appealing if you play with scale and have a variety of plants that are hung on a variety of levels.

6. Mount a living wall art

Why hang a photograph or painting of a plant when you can showcase real plants on your wall? Air plants can adapt to various locations. Use artsy air plant frames or mounted planters to create a fascinating wall display of them.

7. Make a wreath

Who says you can only hang a wreath during the holidays? A lovely wreath made of fresh eucalyptus or forest fern is one way to adorn a blank wall or door. You can also use twigs and add small succulent plants and moss.

8. Frame your photos with vines

Image Via: 12th and White

If you want to go a little extra with your photo display, you can weave some plants into your plain picture frames. You can also do the same with a statement mirror. Let your imagination go wild.

9. Think of plantable light fixtures

You’ve seen lush hanging baskets – why not double your kitchen or dining room light fixture as an indoor garden too?

Image Via: Alvhem Makleri

Plantable light fixtures are a thing. Some chandeliers, lamps, and pendant lighting are designed to illuminate the household while showing off an eclectic mix of air plants, succulents, herbs, and ferns. In addition, they also help filter indoor air.

10. Incorporate greenery without adding plants

Don’t possess the gift of growing plants? Next, to using fake plants (which look realistic when thoughtfully placed), there are other ways to add a touch of nature to your home.

You can start with framing some artworks with botanical imagery. Choose throws and curtains with leaf patterns. You can also go big by putting a large-scale wall mural with a plant motif or painting a floral scene in your ceiling. A bit of decorating creativity is all it takes to incorporate greenery without the hassle of gardening that comes with it.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW’s most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter. She loves writing articles focused on real estate and interior design.

Carmina Natividad
Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW's most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter. She loves writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.

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