2017 Interior Design: Tips from the Experts

2017 Interior Design: Tips from the Experts

If you feel like your home could use a makeover, we have good news for you – 2017 has some of the coolest new interior design trends. The end of summer is the right time for home renovation and there’s still time to catch up with 2017s trends. Coming from the top experts, here are some of the best pieces of advice for those of you who are redecorating your homes.

Subtle colorsSubtle colors

This year, it’s all about the subtle colors of the coral and marine palettes. These soothing colors are inspired by natural motifs and they look amazing on the walls. Pastel pinks, dusty greens, and powder blues are the color choices of the year, so make sure you use one or the combination of a few to create the perfect paint for your walls. You can add metallic accents to your favorite colors to truly transform any room into a modern oasis. Think of Aurora Borealis when choosing the colors.

Now that you have your walls set and ready, add to that some nice, minimalist furniture and a couple of vases with fresh flowers. Decorate your bed wall with a pair of white picture frames, and you will have a perfect and simple bedroom.


When you speak of geometry, the first things that come to your mind are probably triangles, squares, and circles. If your goal is to create the interior that feels well organized, an easy way to accomplish that is through geometric shapes and patterns.

This modernized interior approach was inspired by African and Asian traditions that introduced us to the simple lines, textures, and geometric shapes and designs. The simple lines that cross each other at different angles can make your wall look really amazing, whether you use wallpaper patterns or you draw them by yourself.

Geometric-shaped furniture is the ideal choice if you’re looking for the artistically designed pieces of decor. Though visually compelling and featuring a rather futuristic design – geometric furniture is designed to be comfortable and relaxing. Think of geometry as a “design detox” for your designated sleeping area.

The Right LightingThe Right Lighting

The experts say that the lighting is the most important accessory for any home. The ceiling covered in quirky lights will help you set the perfect working atmosphere. A couple of table lamps here and there, together with chandeliers and candlesticks make for a perfect bedroom lighting.

To fully illuminate your room, or to add some shadows here and there, use dimmer-switches. Controlling the light intensity will help you set the lighting you prefer and it will accentuate the furnishing.

The Tropical Adventure

The Interior design is often inspired by fashion collections and runway shows. Tropical prints are all the rage in 2017, and their natural motifs are ideal for wallpapers and upholstery designs. Transform your simple bedroom into a real oasis with flora and fauna prints, which come in the colors of the wild nature. Buy a new sofa and freshen it up with pillows, and you won’t have to worry about how to balance the simple and exaggerated textures and shapes of this interior design style.

The Tropical Adventure

Smart Planning

The interior has to match the architectural design of the house. There are many examples of the perfectly executed houses, but that depends on the architectural approach. Architects are the crucial factor in building your home and for designing of the both exterior and interior.

To tie it all together, ask for an expert to help you choose accessories and decorations. An architect will explain how to balance the interior with the exterior and they will help you decide between the details, to fully accomplish the style that you chose for your house.

The space you live in has to be safe, well-built and designed around your preferences. Some of the best architects of today come from Australia, Italy, and Spain. Connecting with Sydney architects will bring your ideas to life, making sure the architecture and interior design blend together seamlessly. A safe and sustainable house is the foundation for the long-term quality living.

Always listen to the professionals’ tips and opinions. A good advice from an expert is priceless if you aim for a sustainable style. Houses come in different shapes and sizes, and we all dream about having our own perfectly styled living rooms. The best way to accomplish that is to pay attention to the interior design trends of 2017 since they will permanently change the way we compose and decorate our living areas.

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