3 Tips for Hosting a Successful Outdoor Party


Party planning can be stressful, but when throwing a party outside, things can get even more hectic. For starters, there is the added element of nature to deal with. Not to mention there tend to be some design differences between an indoor party and an outdoor one. Here are some tips to wrapping your head around planning the best outdoor party of the season.
Organization, Decoration, and Ambiance
Decorations and set up can affect the ambiance and mood of the entire party. Having an open seating plan and a great layout are key to making guests feel relaxed. When choosing seating for the event, think about the occasion first. What is being celebrated? Who is coming? If the theme is more of a relaxed BBQ party, maybe have round tables and some chairs in clusters for people to sit and chat. In casual parties, it is nice to have a variety or seating options as well as some activities so that guests don’t feel the absolute need to sit. This will create a more relaxed vibe.
When hosting a more put-together themed outdoor party, seating is important because you have to consider what the spectacle of the event is. If it’s a rehearsal dinner, it feels better if the entire group is sitting at the same long table. This creates a more unified feeling that is best for rehearsal dinner events. Rehearsal dinners are best kept simple with perhaps some outdoor string lights and some flowers on the tables. Such lights are sure to give an intimate atmosphere, especially as the sun sets.
If you are hosting a bridal shower or baby shower, then it is a great idea to rent a special bridal shower chair for the bride and other chairs for the guests. This is important because renting a special chair set apart from the others doubles as a decoration piece in and of itself. This tip also perfect for showers, rehearsal dinners, and birthday parties. Also, if the tables you own are mismatched, it is possible to rent tables for the get-together, too. This is definitely something to consider when looking at the aesthetic of your potential party!
Put Your Best Foot Forward
When hosting an outdoor party, make sure to dress for the occasion. You can’t control weather, but checking the weather application beforehand can give you a general idea of what it will be like. If it is hot, make sure to wear a tank top dress or something light and airy. Odds are, you will be running around playing host in the heat, so opting for a summer knit sweaters or any items of that variety probably won’t be a good idea. You’ll also want to keep the theme in mind. If you’ve just graduated and you’re hosting a party to celebrate, going online to find perfect graduation dresses will be an easy way to search. You will have no trouble finding websites that offer such a wide variety of reasonably priced dresses for every occasion.
Being a confident host is a way to feel your best and want to engage more enthusiastically with guests. Before the event, consider taking a spa day, getting your nails done, or your hair touched up. Feeling your best will make the outdoor party go even smoother.
Make Sure Food and Beverage are Top Priorities
Regardless of the meal or time of day, food is important and can leave a literal bad taste in the guest’s mouth if not served properly. Sometimes, it can be less stressful to order from a caterer, as this gives you the chance to pick from their menu and have all the food delivered the day of your event. For drinks, making a batch of sangria or punch is an effortless way to offer a unique refreshment. BBQ is always a great option for outdoor party meals. The BBQ you order can be as fancy or as casual as you want, so customization options are limitless.

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