4 Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Garage Door


Buying a new garage door is a huge investment and the last thing any homeowner wants is to have to spend even more money on repairs once every few years. This is bound to happen if you get stingy on the purchase or don’t hire a reputable garage service to perform the installation. Even though garage doors are surprisingly durable, they are not prone to damage. This is particularly true for the delicate opening mechanism that if not cared for properly will yield a lot of repair costs. In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to keep your garage door in top shape for decades to come.

Buy Quality Equipment

If the deal on the garage door you’ve been offered sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When planning an investment as big as buying a garage door quality is everything. If you want a quality product be prepared to pay top dollar. The same goes for choosing a garage door company to perform the installation. Reputable companies follow strict codes and have years of experience, so you can be sure your new garage door is in good hands. You should partner with a company that projects confidence.

When choosing a garage door company it’s always a good idea to ask for references or go online and see how others were satisfied with their services. If all the reviews are positive and someone you trusts recommends a company, you have nothing to worry about.

Again, a reputable company will likely charge you more than someone who cuts every corner, because the service you receive will be nothing short of flawless. These companies train their staff and provide the best equipment so they can get the job done. You can always ask them why choose one method over another or anything about their work and they will happily answer. Shady companies will likely try to hide these details from you.

Maintenance is the Key to Longevity

Getting the most expensive garage door and hiring a professional company aren’t enough. You’ll have to do your part too. That means spending a couple of minutes lubricating the door and making sure everything is tightly screwed and working fine. Two years after the purchase, you should schedule routine maintenance for your garage door at least once a year.

Don’t Wait for a Problem to Get Worse

If you think something’s wrong with your garage door, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call a technician to inspect what the problem is right away. Otherwise, even a small issue like an unscrewed bolt can cause a chain reaction and damage a critical component. Even though the grinding sound is probably nothing to worry about, it doesn’t hurt to have it checked out.

Don’t Play Expert

Being DIY-savvy can definitely save you a couple of dollars around the home, but the garage door is not something to play with. Unless you are a trained garage door mechanic, you should leave this to professionals, no matter how confident you are in your skills. Otherwise you risk getting injured or injuring your family.

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