5 Steps For Hassle-Free House Removal


It doesn’t matter if you are moving home out of necessity or packing your bags to start an exciting new chapter in your life. If you’re moving down the street in Dagenham or across the globe, ‘I’m never EVER doing that again!’ is almost always the first thing you say after moving house. There are some things you can do to make the whole ordeal easier though, and these 5 steps can help take some of the stress out of the house removals experience.

1. Get someone to help

Forget relying on your mate with a trailer, or hiring a removal van. If you have more than a suitcase and a few boxes, it’s going to go much smoother if you hire a professional removals company. Professional removal specialists in Dagenham know the best way to get even the most awkward furniture in and out of almost anywhere and are Tetris experts when packing the moving van. This means they can reduce your house moving time from a whole day to just a couple of hours, and, not to mention save your back some unneeded strain. Man with a van services in Dagenham can provide an affordable, professional option and with the time and energy you save are well worth it.

2. Pack smart

It is possible to get the packing done for you if you really want to be hands off, but packing yourself is easy. It’s also an excellent way to clear out some clutter that has built up over the years. Good quality moving boxes that aren’t going to break or be crushed and some good tape to stick them together are must haves. Don’t over pack your removal boxes, but at the same time make sure everything in them is secure. You can use things like clothes and bedding to pad some of the more fragile items but it ends up easier at the other end if items from the same room are more or less packed together.

Does any of your furniture need to be disassembled? Again, this is something that you can get Dagenham movers to do but if you know your way around your furniture, then a good way to save time is to do this before the removal company arrives. Just don’t forget to secure and label all those screws and bolts so you can put everything back together easily at the other end.

3. Let the moving professionals work

When your removal service arrives they will assess the situation and form a plan of attack. Let the man and van team do their job; they’ve done this many times before and have the ability to get it all done quickly and efficiently. If you do feel like giving them a hand then carrying things out to the van goes a long way, after all ‘many hands make light work’.

4. Tidying up

Once everything is loaded you’re ready to do your final sweep. If you’re renting in Dagenham you might want to get some professional cleaners in at this stage (again this is much better than spending a whole day trying to do it yourself). Make sure the house is secure, nothing has been left behind, get your final utility meter readings, lock the door and say goodbye.

5. Put everything in its place

Unloading is basically the packing stage in reverse, except faster and you just need to specify where to unload everything to. Once everything is unloaded, you can now spend the rest of the evening unpacking, reassembling, and putting things in their new home. Order the traditional commemoratory new home take away meal, and get ready to enjoy your new life.


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