5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Studio Apartment

studio apartement

It looks like it is in the very nature of people to flock into the larger cities in search of opportunities. Even though the prospect of this is exciting, it still raises the issue of space – apartments are becoming more cramped as new buildings cover the skyline, and studio apartments are becoming the natural habitat for most people. If you have begun feeling a bit claustrophobic in your new living space, here are 5 nifty ways to make the most of your studio apartment.

1. Part with everything you haven’t used in six months

Clutter is your worst enemy and it is something you cannot allow to build up in such a small space. This means you have to adopt that entrepreneurial mantra of getting rid of everything that isn’t functional. The best strategy is to think about clothes, items and other paraphernalia in terms of a six-month time frame – if you haven’t used or touched something in six months, and if it doesn’t have a sentimental or an intrinsic value, get rid of it. Furthermore, add two apartment cleaning sessions to your weekly schedule, and stick to them. This way, the maintenance of the apartment will become much easier, and you will end up with an orderly space that looks much more appealing.


2. Keep it on the light side

If the walls in your apartment are painted dark, ask your landlord if you can do a repaint and choose a bright color – possibly white, light green or yellow. The key thing is to choose a light color that meshes with the rest of your furniture and which can rest your eyes. Bright colored walls will make the space appear larger than it actually is, and if you hang a big mirror or two on the wall, you’ll end up with a lofty-looking studio apartment. Just make sure your apartment is visually consistent when it comes to colors – it will create a calm atmosphere. Additionally, try to keep the blinds open and let in as much light as you possibly can. Light is the best friend of every space, as it livens it up and boosts the mood.

light space

3. Solve storage first, ask questions later

Storage is always a problem in studio apartments – you will usually have a designated closet or an armoire for your clothes and some basic items like sports gear. However, it is usually not enough. With such a limited square footage, you should probably consider using your walls for storage purposes. Rods and hooks are a sensible solution for the hanging utensils in the kitchen and towels in the bathroom. They can work as a workaround if you have a balcony – as you can install them for the purposes of storing various items and equipment that simply don’t have a place in the apartment. Furthermore, if you have a balcony, you should not let space dictate how many bikes you own. The Allen Sport 2 bike rack is a quick and easy solution for the age-old problem of where to store your bikes. You can conveniently fold it away whenever you don’t need to use it. In addition to storage, you could also use this rack as a repair stand!  

bike storage

4. The bliss of plant life

On the aesthetic side, if you want a quick-fix to prettify your studio apartment without wasting space, you can always turn to greenery. If you purchase some useful air-purifying plants and put them in pots next to your computer or bookshelf, they will not only make the space look more vibrant, they will also keep your stuffy interior air crisp.

plants. Furniture should be big and sparse

Here’s a secret to a good (and big) looking studio apartment: get rid of all the bulky furniture nobody uses, and after you’re done with it, throw out a few more pieces. Keep only the largest units – a big bed, a tall bookshelf and a lofty armchair next to a towering lamp stand will create an illusion of size when it comes to square space. Big and sparse is the key combo, but try to stay reasonable.


As a river of people flows across the pavements and sidewalks on their way to work and back home again, the idea of honeycomb cells comes to mind. It’s as if civilization has stretched the idea of comfort and functionality to the point of bursting, but hard-working people like you can always find a way to create a calming, personalized environment. If you live in a studio apartment, these 5 tips will certainly help you get really comfortable between your four walls.

Marie Nieves

Marie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Marie loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on Smooth Decorator.

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