6 Reasons You Use Energy-Saving Appliances

We all know conversing energy is a must. The moment you conserve energy at home, you’re not only saving money, but you are also helping reduce the demand for using too much of our natural resources.
However, conserving energy does not mean not using your appliances anymore. Don’t be absurd. It only means you have to be mindful of the consumption whenever you use your household devices whether you’re living in a house or condo where energy conservation is highly encouraged or not.

To give you some ideas, we list down the reasons using energy-saving appliances is ideal.

Reason #1 – Saves you money
saves you money piggy bank

For some homeowners, they prefer buying energy-saving appliances than keeping old appliances. That’s a good practice. Why you’d ask. Did you know that using old appliances can lead to higher bills than using energy-saving appliances? An old appliance consumes twice or even thrive the amount of energy you need in using an appliance rated with an energy star.

If you think you’re paying too much on your bills because the majority of your appliances are old or are manufactured even before energy-efficient appliances are invented (exaggeration fully intended), then this might be the perfect time to change your appliances.

If they are still in good condition, consider trading it to the manufacturer or donating it to a local charity. Don’t throw it away because that’s wasting money, too! Of course, you can always keep it for sentimental reasons.

Reason #2 – Enhances the quality of your life

Energy-saving appliances are more convenient to use than the old ones. The reason behind is these appliances are manufactured to the current standards. Helping you with the household chores, you may observe that these are much easier and faster to use.

Another great thing about using green appliances as what others call them is they require less maintenance and replacement. That means you do not have to worry about finding a new bulb soon afterward since it can last longer than the ordinary ones.

Reason #3 – Reduces your carbon footprint

Believe it or not, but the appliances we use especially the old ones produce toxic chemicals. Yes, there’s a possibility you’re breathing chemicals inside your home. Breathing even low levels of chemicals causes fatigue and chest pain.

With the use of energy-saving appliances, however, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Energy-saving appliances have lower emissions compared to the previous models or make.  With this, you can use your appliances anytime without worrying about your health.

Reason #4 – Benefits the environment

Appliances that produce toxic, ozone-depleting chemicals contribute to global warming. The same goes with shredding an old appliance such a refrigerator that can quickly release up to 100 grams of chlorofluorocarbons-11 into the environment.

The chemicals that are released into the air thereby adversely impacts the environment because a depleted ozone layer would mean higher levels of UV (ultraviolet) radiation on earth’s surface. It doesn’t only increases the risk of skin cancers, but also harms biodiversity.

Energy-saving appliances have lesser emission, which helps protect our environment. Imagine the extent of your contribution if all the appliances you use are energy-efficient.

Reason #5 – Improves the economy

Energy efficiency also plays a significant role when it comes to the booming economy. With the utilization of these appliances, companies or businesses can save money on a much bigger scale. They do not have to worry about paying thousands or millions of utility bills (i.e. electricity and water).

And if companies won’t have to worry about spending too much, they can give more to their current employees and hire more employees as well. The savings can be extended to the consumers since the operational costs are lower. Thereby, giving the people more buying power.

Reason #6 – Builds a favorable impression for future generation

Energy efficiency is also about giving your kids and their kids the greatest lesson of all. And, that is protecting the environment now for posterity’s sake – it’s everyone’s birthright.

Hence, demonstrate to them the importance of being mindful of the things you have at home including the need to use energy-saving appliances. Educate them about the benefits of using these appliances, so they’d understand the importance of the process.

We may all have different ways on how we use our appliances. We don’t even have the same appliances at home. However, we can be united in saving our environment and our future – by choosing the right appliances to use at home.

Although this may be a simple step for homeowners to consider, this brings a great impact on their lives and the environment.

Author Bio: This article is written by Dominic Santos, a blogger from the Philippines. He writes about real estates, home decor trends, and home interior designs. He also writes articles about party venues in Manila.


Dominique is a blogger and also a big fan of anything about interior designing, writing home decor tips and guides specifically. He is currently blogging for Amaia Land, developer of estates and condos in Manila, Philippines.

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