6 Simple Tips to Freshen Up Your Home Décor for Spring

Home Décor for Spring

Spring brings a sense of freshness into our lives that we should welcome to our homes, as well. Introducing a few simple changes will brighten up your home, elevate its décor and capture the spirit of spring. Not only will your home have a chic, new look, but it will also exude positivity and energy that will truly freshen up your life. Whether you’re a design newbie or a true enthusiast, these simple tips will be easy to implement.

Declutter and organise

Decluttering might sound like a boring part, but it will actually provide you with an opportunity to purge your home and your life. There’s nothing more liberating than getting rid of items that have been piling up in your home, making you feel cramped and stifled. Spring cleaning and organising your home is simply a must because it will help you create an airy, open space and let your home décor truly shine. It’s important that you tackle every room in your home and create an organised atmosphere by finding a place for every item in your home. Those objects and supplies that are necessary, but unappealing should be stored away behind closed doors.

Home Décor for Spring

Colour up your home

Adding colourful accent details or painting a single wall in a different hue will immediately create a fresh look in your home. Spring is a season when everything comes to life and colourful flowers start blooming, so you should also embrace such reviving energy. However, a soft colour scheme throughout your home will create an open, airy ambiance and a perfect backdrop for adding colour. Throw pillows, decorative vases, colourful candles and other accessories will create a visual interest and help your home come to life.

Home Décor for Spring

Whiten up your beds

While colourful details should decorate your space, white should be your prime choice for your bed. Soft, lightweight linen in white will truly freshen up your bedroom and make you feel as if you were sleeping on clouds. To spice things up, you can add throw pillows with lovely, spring-inspired patterns and a light cover for those pleasant, but chilly nights. Of course, you need to wash your sheets regularly to maintain the aura of freshness and fill your bedroom with a refreshing scent.

Home Décor for Spring

Style up your wall art

Wall art is what gives character to the space and helps you express your personality. So, why not use this opportunity to style up your artwork for spring. A simple yet effective change is reinventing your existing wall art with stunning custom framing, which will give it a completely new appeal. You can also frame some of your stored photographs or posters and then proudly display them on your walls. Afterwards, you can rearrange your artwork or create an inspiring gallery wall. You can also introduce new painting with spring-inspired motifs and bright colours that will style up your home décor.

Home Décor for Spring

Embrace energising nature

Nature truly comes to life in spring, so make sure to welcome it to your home. Nothing will capture the spirit of spring like fresh, fragrant flowers or vibrantly green plants. A vase of enchanting flowers can truly brighten up your space while also introducing a pop of colour. Decorating with plants will introduce a splash of green and keep your home fresh by purifying your indoor air and creating a pleasant ambiance.

Home Décor for Spring

Introduce chic area rugs

Apart from walls, floors are another canvas waiting to be embellished and the perfect way to do so is to introduce stylish area rugs. From chic and understated to colourful and bold, area rugs will create a layered look in your home and work as mesmerising décor statements. You should go with hooked cotton or fresh sisal for your rugs because they will create a light appeal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and designs, but make sure to choose rugs that fit into the general style of your home.

Home Décor for Spring

With these simple changes, you’ll be able to freshen up your home for spring and create a positive, energetic ambiance.

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