6 Technologies That Are Changing the Construction Industry

6 Technologies That Are Changing the Construction Industry

The construction industry was always dependent on tech development and was the first to adopt the latest gadgets and materials because that was the only way to stay competitive in this market. These days, we are witnessing another radical change in the industry that’s mostly driven by the innovations in the field.

This is partly driven by the fact that young homeowners very much need to adapt their homes to the green lifestyle and try to lead eco-friendly lives on a day-to-day basis. The construction will play a great role in making this possible.

Self-healing concrete

Concrete is the most used material in the construction industry. It has been that way for years now and there’s a good reason for it as well. It’s a material that’s easy to produce and use, it’s quick to dry which makes it great for the jobs that must be done right away. The only problem is that it needs to be repaired every now and then because it tends to crack.

New and revolutionary technology in this field heals the cracks on its own using small capsules of sodium silicate and saves a lot of money on future repairs. This is exceptionally useful in busy cities with a warm climate like Sydney or San Francisco.

3D modeling3D modeling

Creating a building model is complicated work and it involves a lot of different professionals from a variety of industries. Homeowners also want to be involved in the process if the home is being built from scratch and that means that the process needs to be made more open and easier to manage.

This is where 3D modeling comes in handy because it saves money and makes the whole process better organized. It also means that the clients can have their say in the matter before any construction starts.

Quick construction

A lot of the changes in the construction industry aren’t about the construction itself but about all the activities related to it that add to the cost and damage the environment. The biggest part of this is the transportation and the equipment needed for the actual building.

Modern construction companies might not even need to have all the equipment at their disposal at all times, since there are companies that offer crane hire in Sydney, and drones can deliver the materials. All of this means that a good construction company can be judged by the quality of its workers in the years to come.

Solar energy batteriesSolar energy batteries

Solar panels have been around for a while, but they were never useful enough to completely replace traditional electricity networks and get the users of the grid. However, batteries connected to solar panels are able to store energy that can be used even when the weather conditions aren’t good enough.

Some homeowners might be hesitant about the price of these panels, but Australia offers tax incentives that make this more manageable for an average family.


There used to be a time when each part of the construction was done on the spot and it required a team of laborers and professionals of all kinds to be completed. Luckily, the process of automation has come to the construction industry and thus made things easier, since a lot of the parts are being prefabricated.

This has numerous advantages for both the construction companies and the homeowners. It’s less expensive for all parties and it allows smaller construction companies with less skilled workers to get in on the market.

Eco-friendly materials

The interest in eco-friendly materials is going to rise in the years to come because they are both better suited to the needs of modern homeowners and less expensive. Part of this is just using the materials that can be found locally and thus saving money on the transportation.

Eco-friendly materials

This, however, isn’t enough. It’s also important to use the materials that have a less damaging effect on the environment. For instance, bamboo trees are going to be used much more because bamboo doesn’t have to be cut down when you’re harvesting wood.

The construction industry is changing in ways that can be challenging at the moment, but are rewarding for everyone involved. Technology will be a key part of the change.

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