7 Life-Saving Roof Repair Tips

Owning a house is as demanding as it is a pleasure. Malfunctions and other incidents are bound to happen every now and then, and when that moment comes, you need to know what to do. Moreover, you should know if you can fix the damage on your own, or you should call in the pros. The roof is probably the last part of the house you would like to tackle, especially because you can easily fall and injure yourself, but guess what – at some point you will have to do it. So, here are seven tips that will help you wrap your head around the roof repairs.

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Safety is your top priority

Precisely because of the height and the angle of the roof, it is imperative that you make safety your top priority. It is understandable that you want to fix a leak as soon as it happens, but you also need to realize that there are no quick fixes when it comes to roofs. If you notice the leak while it’s raining or snowing, you should wait for it to dry out, before you go up there. After Mother Nature gives you the green light, make sure you have your gloves on and don’t wear any slippery footwear (choose rubber sole shoes).

Bring a buddy along

Working solo on fixing your roof is never a bright idea. Sometimes you will need a tool you can’t reach or you will just need a helping hand. By working with someone, you will additionally ensure you are safe, and you will probably finish the work much faster.

Check for leaks

If you’ve waited until the rain stops, it is probably difficult to identify the origin of the leak. One way to discover the source of the leak is by using a garden hose when you’re already up there and spraying the roof in different locations. Also, you should clean the gutters, because clogged gutters are often the main cause of roof leaks. This often happens because water builds up in the gutters during the rain and has nowhere else to go.

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Prevent deterioration

Since it is constantly exposed to the elements, the roof can deteriorate because of the lack of ventilation. If the plywood is damaged, the roof will sag in and the shingles will crack. Address this issue by installing a ridge vent, which will function properly only if there is already a soffit vent. Drill holes in the soffit vent so the cool air can come in through and the hot air can come outside.

Check for curled shingles

When you are up on the roof, you should check if there are any curled shingles. For now, they may seem like a small issue, but they can cause you a lot of problems later on. Fortunately, flattening the curled shingles is an easy DIY task. You just need to apply a coat of asphalt roofing cement by using a brush or any other adhesive compound in a caulk gun if you find that easier.

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Replace the shingles

Of course, some shingles are beyond repair, especially if they are rotten or damaged, and sometimes there are even missing ones. If the shingle needs replacing, you should remove its nails and let it slide out. After that, you should just slide in the new shingle and fasten it with roofing nails.

Replacing or restoring the entire roof

Some fixes are way beyond your expertise, and should be left to the pros. Knowing when to give up is a job well done. Companies which perform roof restoration in Melbourne, Sydney and other larger cities are more than proficient in handling such issues. Besides, since there are plenty of them, the competition will ensure low price, which means that leaving it to the pros can pay off.

Remember that the first thing you should think about when it comes to fixing the roof is your safety. Everything else comes second.



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