9 Creative Ways To Jazz Up The Blank Space Above Your Bed

The blank space above your bed can be a little tricky to decorate. Afterall, it is often the main point of interest in your room, tying everything together to make your space look and feel like the place you want to be in. You really have to plan what to put on your focal wall before drilling holes.

Framed photographs and paintings are a no-brainer, fan-favorite design move, but if you want to get a little more creative, you may check out some of these fun ideas.

Disclaimer: If you live in an earthquake-prone zone, you might want to leave the space naked. Safety first!

Go big with an oversized mural

Do you want to look as if you’re sleeping space in the middle of the tranquil forest? Or do you want to sit your bed against a vivid geometric pattern backdrop? There is a wide range of designs that suit your taste, including full-sized realistic natural landscapes, floral patterns, and colorful abstract art murals.

If you want to create a bold statement but you don’t want to go overboard, you can choose prints that use more negative space.

Place an Installation Art

Installation art is an artistic genre of 3D artworks designed to transform the perception of a space. Unlike traditional paintings, it is something that really jumps out of you. Of course, we’re not looking at massive museum-worthy pieces – a minimal yet striking abstract 3D art atop your bed will do.

Install a floating shelf

Want to make your empty space pretty yet functional? Adding a shelf (or shelves) is your best bet. You can add one long floating shelf, or if your space allows, a few box shelves to lay your cool pieces on. You can put lightweight books, framed artworks, a lamp, and some of your favorite mementos. You can also consider a recessed shelving for a more edgy look.

Invest in light fixtures

Ditch your outdated desk lamp for statement wall-mounted lamps, like chic sconces. Not only they’re attractive but they’re also functional, especially if you love reading before going to bed but want to keep the light warm and dim.

Prop a statement mirror

Statement mirrors are a great tool for dictating the focal point of the room. A mirror with an ornately carved frame works like a painting and can be used as a decorative art for your bedroom. Additionally, mirrors are a cunning way to trick the eye. If you have a small space, placing a few mirrors strategically around your room will make it feel bigger than it is.

Drape a tapestry

Hanging a tapestry is one of the quickest ways to jazz up your wall. Apart from the colors and patterns, the texture itself adds visual interest to your bedroom. It doesn’t have to be an old-fashioned, grandma-style tapestry as there a variety of modern designs you may like.

Don’t like a droopy look? You can install a curtain rod and toss the tapestry over to create cleaner lines.

Hang foreign and local handicrafts

If you have the time, try to visit a flee market. You can spot underrated artisan products that are worthy of showcasing into your room, from textural wicker rattan basket wall art to iron and wood carving handicrafts.

Dangle dreamcatchers

A dreamcatcher is a handmade willow hoop, on which is woven a net or web, beaded, and hung with feathers. They originate from American Indians and are believed to give its owner good dreams. Whether the legend holds true or not, we cannot deny that hanging one or a few of them adds aesthetic appeal to any bedroom.

Create a gallery wall

Why put one massive piece of art if you could hang a few little ones? One great way to fill the negative space is by hanging a few framed photographs or art pieces.

If you want a neat and tidy aesthetic, you can go for a strict grid. If you’re into a more cluttered look, you can transform your blank wall into a colorful, playful gallery. Aside from frames, you can also create a mixed media gallery wall and hang unexpected pieces of various textures, colors, and shapes, like mementos from different eras and geographies.

Author: Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW’s most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter

Carmina Natividad
Carmina Natividad is a resident writer for Wincrest Home Builders, one of NSW's most experienced and well-renowned home builders aiming at building and designing modern family homes in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Hunter. She loves writing articles focused in real estate and interior design.

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