Avoid These Floor Cleaning Mistakes


When it comes to cleaning, the largest area you will have to clean is the floor. However, people sometimes get fed up with all the cleaning (and who wouldn’t), so they just cut corners and do the minimum amount of work.

The consequence of that is that your floors start losing some of their luster and may even get damaged over time as the result of neglect. One easy fix is to hire a professional cleaning service like https://maidthis.com/. But, if you want to do your chores by yourself, here are some handy tips about what problems to avoid when cleaning floors.

Steam-Powered Cleaners

A lot of floors, particularly hardwood floors do not respond well to excessive moisture. If you have ever seen a wood floor after flooding, you know what I am talking about. Wood has the tendency to absorb water and expand as a result of that. That’s definitely not what you want, so you should avoid any technique that uses a lot of water.

Steam cleaners are even worse because, on top of all the water, they also use heat o clean. Even though it may be an effective way to clean some stains, it can also do a lot of damage to the wooden floor. Heat from the steam expands the wood, including the varnish and the pores in the wood, which only facilitates water to penetrate under the protective varnish and damage the wood.

Too Much Water

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, water can damage your wooden floors. Water is often called a universal solvent because it has the tendency to dissolve anything if you give it enough time. That means that it can even dissolve the protective coat of varnish on top of your floor, given enough time and enough water.

However, a much more likely scenario is that the water will seep into the existing cracks between the planks and damage the floor from within. An easy way to circumvent this problem is to use a dry or just damp cloth to clean the floor and only use more extensive cleaning practices when there is a stain on the floor.

Too Strong Detergents

Detergents are chemical substances used to dissolve the stains. However, depending on their strength, these detergents can be doing much more than just removing stains. They could also gradually be damaging your floors and robbing them of their shine and luster.

A good rule of thumb whether a chemical is too harsh or not is to check the label. If it advises that you avoid direct contact with your hands, it is probably not the best option for your floor either. Try using milder soaps and detergents as a primary cleaning agent, and only resort to harsher stuff if the normal cleaning fails to do the trick.

You’re Vacuuming Wrong

If your preferred flooring is carpet and not hardwood, there are still a few things you can do to ensure that your carpets stay presentable for longer. One of the most common issues when vacuuming is rapid and harsh moves. This puts a strain on the fibers of the carpet and can make them fall apart much sooner than expected. Try using shorter and gentler moves and be patient when vacuuming. The same thing applies when vacuuming hardwood or laminated floors, except there the scratches would be visible much more and much sooner.

Cleaning can be a bit tedious and feel like an uphill battle, but with a little patience and proper technique, you can ensure that your floors are undamaged and shiny for a long time.

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