The Best Colors for Rooms with a Western Exposure

The Best Colors for Rooms with a Western Exposure

In rooms with a lot of natural light, the appearance of the colors will vary according to the position of the sun as well as the direction of light. That’s why, when painting a room, you should make sure you look at color swatches under different lighting conditions. Rooms with western exposure can be quite drab in the morning while they have strong yellow overtones in the afternoon. So, if you’re decorating a room with a western exposure, you’ll have to choose your colors carefully. Here are 6 colors that are just perfect for a room like this.

Light Green

Light green is a great color for rooms with western exposure. It’s a natural solution since it peps up the room in the morning but also keeps it cool during the afternoon. What’s great about light green color is that it’s always going to keep your room look minty fresh. Rooms with light green walls are also quite easy to decorate. You just have to choose furniture in neutral tones and you’ll be guaranteed your room will look fabulous. You can also incorporate gold pieces wherever you can – in lampshades, mirror fixtures and painting frames.

light green room

Light Yellow

This is another great choice. Light yellow will pick up the best of the sun rays without making the whole room look fluorescent. You can paint your walls light yellow and add a lot of white accessories such as cushions, artwork or decorative screens. If you think there’s too much yellow in the room, make sure you add something blue or gray. Blue lamp shades work perfectly with light yellow rooms. You can also paint small portions of wall gray or white.

yellow room


Red is another color you can opt for. It’ll work great with sunrays both early in the morning as well as during the afternoon. Red is great because it can easily make your living room energizing or your bedroom sensual. If you choose to paint your room red, make sure you get a white or gray rug since it one of these will fit perfectly into your room. When it comes to shelves and artwork, it’s a good idea to choose wooden materials which will go great with the rest of the colors in your room.

red room


Western exposure can make orange wall look much richer. Which makes this color perfect for the walls in your room. If you decide to paint the walls in orange, you shouldn’t use this color elsewhere but stick to the neutrals such as white or cream. You should also avoid black, since too much black items will make the whole room look like a Halloween territory. White rugs, lampshades and cushions are of course something you should stick to. Bear in mind that orange dining rooms are quite popular today, especially in the USA.

orange room


Cream is another great option for rooms with western exposure. It’s simple and it will help you make the most of sunlight. What’s great about rooms with cream walls is that they simply crave more of the same color. This means cream furniture, desks and rugs will be great for your room. You can also add some wooden features in order to create some contrast in the room. Wooden lampshades, painting frames and bowls are always a great option.

cream room


White is a neutral color you can almost never go wrong with. But it’s simply perfect for rooms with western exposure. White walls are natural light reflectors which makes them a perfect option. White flatters all the other colors, which means you can use your favorites for furnishing and other features in the room. So when buying a new home, you can never go wrong with white walls. Australians simply love white walls. So if you are looking for a Sydney property for sale, you are likely to find one that comes with white walls rather easily.

white room


If you still can’t decide on the paint for your room with western exposure, you can buy a small color sample from your local retailer and paint a small area on the wall. You can then observe how the color looks like during the different times in day and how it goes with some other features in the room.

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