Creative Ways To Style Up Your Kid’s Room

Just like adults, children need an attractive, relaxing and functional space where they can hang out, alone or with friends, do homework, and sleep in. Sprucing up your child’s bedroom is one of the most fun activities that you and your little one can engage in.

You get to learn of your child’s interest (like learning her favourite colour is blue and not pink!) and she in turn gets to take part in a process that affects her. However with the hundreds of ways available to decorate a room, what are some of the creative ways that you can style up your kid’s room?

The first step in decorating is having a theme and having the décor revolve around that theme. For little girls, the Disney Fairy Princesses or other cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty or Barbie are usually popular while for boys, action figures, video game characters and movie heroes are always a huge win.

Apart from cartoons, the theme can revolve around the child’s interest such as his favourite sport. The themes can be combined to reflect the child’s interests. Once that has been decided upon, then the decorating can begin.


Painting the room together can be a lot of fun – messy, but fun. You can paint it in their favourite colour and even play about by mixing it up – a different colour for each wall. If you’re renting and cannot paint, then wall decals are a fun alternative.

These peel and stick stickers are affordable, easy to install and can be placed on any smooth surface and can be removed without leaving residue or damaging your walls. Even better, they can be peeled and repositioned over and over again.  There are wall decals in all possible themes so have fun as you window shop and choose beautiful decals for your child’s room.

Another fun way to decorate the child’s room is to use vinyl wall lettering. A Happy Childhood Lasts Forever, Fly to the stars, reach for heaven, I’m Creative, Not Neat, Free to be me are some quotes that you can stick on your child’s doorway or on the walls, Elena Tahora.


Having a collection of bed sheets, duvet and pillow cases with your child’s favourite hero/heroine is just one way to style up your child’s room. However the sheets can be used for so much more than covering up. Sheets can be used as curtains or alternatively for wall hangings.

Throw rugs and storage spaces

Throw rugs are not only decorative but they are also functional in that they absorb the messes that the little ones make such as poured drinks and crumbs. Storage spaces like bins and shelves keep the room organised and can also be part of the spaces that can be decorated.

While there are a myriad of ways to spruce up your child’s room, keep a flexible mind. Remember what works for a seven year old not do for a fifteen year old will therefore choose furniture and décor that will last.

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