Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

With the global population continuing its growth at a relentless pace, the problem with finding the resources for construction and maintenance is becoming more pressing than ever before. Housing stands out as one of the most significant challenges the world is facing, but architects, designers and other professionals from the construction industry seem to be succeeding in finding environmentally-friendly ways to build residential properties. Here are some features that are becoming a common option for eco-friendly homes around the globe.

Sustainable materials

What we use to construct our homes has a meaningful impact on the environment and the health of the occupants, because some materials can release toxic fumes into the air (both indoor and outdoor). This is the reason why builders turn to eco-friendly materials, such as reclaimed wood, stone and clay. Not only that, responsible practices include using locally-sourced materials so that the carbon footprint (e.g., the fuel needed for transport) of construction is reduced as much as possible.

Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Maximizing the natural light

The more natural light is allowed into the house, the less electricity you will use for general illumination. Besides installing large windows (double or triple glazed), this upgrade can require the installation of skylights in places where it is impossible to fit in a window.

Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

LED lighting

Speaking of lighting, an energy-efficient home shows progress in relation to incandescent bulbs which were used in the past. LED technology reduces the carbon footprint of a residential property without the need of switching off the lights.

Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Clean water

Adding a UV water purification system is an effective and toxin-free way of disinfecting the household water which is often polluted with viruses, spores, bacteria and other pathogens. Posing no threats when it comes to taste and corrosion, this approach to purifying drinking water is unmatched in terms of eco-friendliness.

Rainwater collection

Rainwater collecting systems in areas of high rainfall are a great way to reuse the water you are getting in a natural way. For a start, you can use that water for irrigation and similar purposes, and later on, you can install a filtration system and use it for drinking.

Further water savings

Bathrooms use the most water in the entire household. It has become a frequent practice to install low-flow showers and faucets to save water, as well as low flush toilets.

Use of solar energy

Renewable energy is hardly a new thing, but its implementation into households is yet to become an everyday feature. For now, it is used in green construction as an inexpensive way to boost the energy without the need of wasting electricity.

Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Energy Star rated appliances

We all know kitchen appliances are among the greediest energy consumers in every household. Because of this, every energy-efficient home features a set of Energy Star rated appliances which minimize the energy consumption but provide the same results as conventional units.

No toxins involved

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in wall paint, formaldehyde in furniture and floor finishes, and various other indoor air pollutants used to be a normal occurrence in households before. Eco-friendly homes are banishing these harmful influences and use organic textiles and materials instead.

Features That Make a Home Eco-Friendly

Smart savings

Modern-day smart technologies can help with improving the property’s energy-efficiency. Some of the handy features to opt for are a smart thermostat and remote-controlled lighting.

We have been using energy and resources recklessly for a long time, and it is time to put it to an end. Change can be made on individual level, and there is no better place to start than your home.

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