Five Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger

small kitchen

“Kitch*en [kich-uhn] (noun)- a gathering place for friends and family and a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love.” –Unknown Author

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the most interesting place in a home and it is arguably the best place of the house to be in. It is that one place in the home that brings the family together when a meal is shared, and where friends can bond over food. As a result, memories are forged and would last them a lifetime.
small kitchenKitchens may mostly be associated with food and nourishment, but the way it nurtures people extends beyond our physical needs—it sustains our soul as well. With all this considered, it would only be appropriate to ensure that your kitchens are aptly decorated and that your appliances are in excellent working order.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many of us have to contend with working in small spaces where we are constrained to use every square foot available. As a result, we can only dream of with big kitchens where we can have a lot of legroom to move around. And much like rising LPG prices, there is not much we can do about it unless we are receptive to overhauling an entire section of the house.

However, this does not mean to say that nothing can be done as there is a myriad of ingenious ways you can make your kitchens look bigger. While working in a tiny kitchen is not ideal, it is not impossible and by making the most of what you have, you can still have a kitchen that is not only functional but beautiful as well. Here are some creative and smart solutions that would make your kitchens look bigger, make you save up on space and build on kitchen aesthetics.

Here are the Five Ways to Make Small Kitchen Bigger:

1.)    Utilize lighting

Much like any other area in your room, the lighting aspect greatly affects the viewer’s size perception of the room. If you tried a lighting trick on any small space, you can be assured that you would not fail. Lighting is everything as even with large kitchens, poor lighting can make them look uninspired and dull so have a mix of focused and recessed lighting to open up space.

2.)    Incorporate reflective surfaces and shiny kitchenware

The kitchen is that one definitive place wherein you can incorporate as many reflective appliances, surfaces, and shiny kitchenware as much as you can and get away with it. So, exploit this feat as much as you can by decking your kitchen with shiny metallic items and surfaces. The best thing about this trick is that it works with just about any kitchen theme and color. Reflective surfaces tend to add brightness in a lackluster and small kitchen and would further enhance the lighting as well. As a result, you would have a kitchen that has a dynamic and lively feel to it.

3.)    Use a light color palette

When it comes to opening up a small kitchen, visual tricks are key and would be pivotal in influencing person’s perception. Light colored palettes would give kitchens a sleek and clean look. Furthermore, it makes your kitchen appear coherent and smart. So, do not try to incorporate as many colors as you can as you would only overwhelm the space. Similarly, avoid big, bold and gaudy patterns as they tend to make space feel cramped. Instead, go for soft and subtle hues by choosing light color palettes with restrained shades.

4.)    Add a few open shelves

Open shelves create the illusion of a spacious room, so get rid of shelves that have cabinets and opt for closed ones instead. Alternatively, you can use cabinets with glass panes or glass panels as this will further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire kitchen. Furthermore, this design gives your kitchen a touch of elegance. When it comes to designing small spaces, simplicity, as well as a minimalist approach, are two techniques that would help you accomplish what you want with so much more ease.

5.)    Get rid of the clutter

More often than not, a simple matter of sprucing up can help open up a tiny space significantly. Even in the biggest spaces, the smallest hint of clutter can already deter the viewer from the sheer size of the room. What more if it was present in a tiny room? So, before doing any sort of redecorating endeavor in your kitchen, clean up first and you might be surprised how much space potential your kitchen actually has.


Dominique is a blogger and also a big fan of anything about interior designing, writing home decor tips and guides specifically. He is currently blogging for Amaia Land, developer of estates and condos in Manila, Philippines.

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