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Brisbane, the heart of the state of Queensland, is also the home of the amazing Wilston Garden House, cleverly renovated by architectural firm OVP. The house was purchased by a family of four in late 2012 while it was still just a traditional timber Queenslander in the suburb of Wilston. The husband (Matt) and the wife (Sarah) felt the need for better design solutions, so they hired the architectural firm. And so the project began. The construction and the design took a little over 18 months, and it was finally completed in early 2015. Let us see what is so special in what they made.

The Serenity of the Garden Room

garden house

The garden room which is connecting the living room and the back garden is the very focus of the house. It is a place of peace, serenity and subtle design. The built-in seating area complemented with a simple contrasting black table and modern-designed chairs is a magnet for socializing.

The soothing pale green, wooden floor and shelves covered with potted plants are the perfect entryway to the back garden. The large glass door and window allow enough of natural light that is essential for the plants. And when there is a need for evening gatherings, there are the lovely yet elegant metallic pendant lights.

The Kitchen with a View

garden house

Be honest, you have always wanted a kitchen overlooking a light-filled garden room? Who of us hasn’t? The kitchen in the Wilston Garden House doesn’t come only with a view, but also with stylish appliances and an incredibly-looking countertop.

Just as the garden room, the kitchen too allows in plenty of natural light which is further enhanced with plenty of white colour present on the stud wall. The glass wall cabinets create a unique harmony with the light and nature, and, of course, there is a potted plant in the corner of the countertop. The drying rack over the kitchen bench is a traditional addition from the original cottage.

The Comfy Living Room

garden house

Again, plenty of white on the stud walls makes this space appear much bigger than it actually is and the no-curtains windows are contributing to that feel by letting in the sunlight. The mismatched, yet perfectly harmonic furniture is encouraging interaction. The mildly pink ottoman is the pop of colour that freshens up the grey couch, black armchair and neutral rug.

The Retro Bathroom


The bathroom design evokes the feel of distant decades. This ambient is accomplished with the ‘60s-inspired tiles, and not only with their design, but also with the colours – a combination of pastel green and white. With a modern sink and a fine choice of custom mirrors from Brisbane, this Wilston bathroom is bound to be the second best place in the house.

An Envy-Worthy Reading Nook

A small library connected to the bedroom is possibly the brightest reading nook we have ever seen. The windows are covering almost every part of the wall, and the seamlessly built-in shelf is loaded with books. The modernist take on a traditional rocking chair is possibly the best thing about the nook.

The Harmonic Bedroom

If we search for one word to describe the Wilston House Garden’s bedroom, it would be: harmony. The three present colours in the room (blue, white and natural wood) work well together, and the painting on the wall (with the same three shades) is hypnotizing.bedroom

The Organic Kids’ Room

The room for the two little girls doesn’t have as many colours and trinkets we are used to see in kids’ rooms. In fact, it is a simple, yet pleasant oasis with plenty of light, perfectly tidy built-in study desks, small bookshelves, cute bed sheets and several adorable toys.

The Old-Style Front Veranda

There have been little changes to the original Queenslander veranda. In fact, the cane chairs and the hanging pot with a plant have something timeless in them, like they’ve been there since forever.

The Largely Preserved Front Entrance

The timber cottage from the street is also largely preserved, so that a naive passer-by would never even dream of the wonders inside. The stepping stones lead to the all-white veranda and black entrance door.

You see? The Wilston Garden House is a paradise on earth; perfectly humble, ideally elegant and completely inseparable from its natural surroundings. All of this makes it a unique example of modern-day architecture.

Image source : The Design Files

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