How to Get More Sunlight in Dark Rooms

Add windows

The property’s worth is often determined by how much natural light it receives. Natural light affects our mood and makes the room appear more open and spacious. Plenty of windows also means that you have a nicer view.

It may seem that, in this area, what you see is what you get and there’s not much that you could do. However, with some construction work and smart decorating, you can make a significant difference.

Add windows

This is the most complicated way to do it, but it gets the job done once and for all. You should go down this road only if the home is really difficult to decorate and you can’t make it functional. This isn’t only about the amount of light coming in; it’s also about where the windows you have are facing. South and western facing windows won’t do you much good.

This is a major construction job and you need to get the professional to do it. It will take a while and you might need to close down a part of your home.

Use mirrorsUse mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use mirrors to enhance the effect natural light brings to your home. It isn’t enough to place a lot of mirrors around the property – careful placement makes all the difference. Place the mirror on the wall opposite the window or opposite to it. The mirror will mimic the window and reflect the light inward.

A similar effect could be accomplished with other more decorative shimmering surfaces. That will allow you to make the rooms your own and decorate around the problem you’re dealing with.

Use light tones

Using lighter tones when decorating could also make the room appear brighter and enhance the sunlight that you get already. This is especially noticeable if the large surfaces are painted with these colors. Start with the floors and use light wood or carpets to make the surface smooth and earthy.

Use light tonesThe same goes for the furniture overall – use light and gentle colors and the room will appear to be better lit. This doesn’t mean that you’re limiting your decorating choices. You can accomplish a lot just by adding a few items to contrast the overall beige tones.

Adding skylights

If you want to increase the amount of natural light in a strategic way that will allow you to make different use of the walls (hanging artworks or decorating them), adding skylights is the way to go. The most important part of a skylight installation is choosing the location that will provide you with the most sunlight and be practical in terms of construction.

Adding skylights

The first thing to discuss with your contractor is the slope that best fits your roof and the location of your home overall. The installation is done from the inside so you might need to clear the room for a few days.


In the end, the lighting effect could be greatly enhanced by having a lot of transparent objects around the house, which is similar to the mirror solution we mentioned. Start with larger objects, such as indoor doors. Make them completely transparent or add a large window to each one.

Use large transparent decorating items, such as vases or big lamps. They become the focal point of the room and reflect the natural light that reaches them. This also means that the room will have a different atmosphere as the sun sets, which provides a lot of decorating possibilities.

Using windows, skylights, and clever decoration could help make the room appear brighter even if it doesn’t have enough sunlight. This also creates a unique aesthetic that could become the hallmark of your home.


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