How to Tackle the Most Common Household Emergencies

A household is a responsibility. When we reach a certain age and begin living independently, we also accept that we have to maintain our living spaces. If you have only started living independently and are struggling with this task, here are some useful tips on how to tackle most common household emergencies.

Clogged drainsClogged drains

Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen sink, a shower drain or your toilet, clogged drains can be a real nuisance. In order to avoid this, try placing garbage bins in your kitchen and bathroom and throwing anything that seems like it could potentially block the drains there. Apart from that, clogs mostly happen due to sediment buildup.

No matter where the problem’s at, always wear rubber gloves when cleaning the drains. You can purchase a plastic stick that serves as a de-clogging device, but you can also create one yourself out of a wire hanger. Just bend the tip of it to look like a hook and use it to pull the muck out or simply destroy it – but not before pouring some hot water into the drains. As far as toilets go, there is almost nothing your trusty plunger cannot solve, but always have several of these stashed away somewhere, in case things get, ahem, really nasty, and you need to get rid of the one you’ve used for the emergency.


City-wide blackout

However, most of the time this emergency is out of your hands, but the way you tackle it makes all the difference – you need to be prepared for such situations. Purchase a few reliable torches, fill them with batteries and place them on several easy-to-access locations around the household. Having one in the bathroom is also a good idea, in case a blackout catches you or any other household member in the shower.

Batteries won’t last forever though, so it’s smart to have a few old-fashioned candles around as well. Of course, you can always purchase a generator that can cut the blackout emergency at its roots, at least for the time being.

Sudden power failureSudden power failure

Power failures used to be a common occurrence. These days, blackouts are mostly caused by extreme weather conditions. This adds an element of unpredictability to the whole affair, so first you’ll have to calm down if you are cut off midway through the episode of your favorite show.

Check if your neighbors still have electricity. If they do, you might need to check the fuse box, appliances and other wiring in your household before you call a trusty 24 hour electrician from Sydney to do the necessary repairs. However, most of the time this emergency is out of your hands, but the way you tackle it makes all the difference – you need to be prepared for such situations.

Heating/cooling system malfunctions

If your AC system is running, no matter if it’s heating or cooling, if the results are not particularly noticeable even though the unit is working hard, it usually means that the unit is not working properly. Odd sounds or odors are also a good indicator of this.

Turn off the unit and open it to take out the filter. Most of the time, grime buildup on the filter is the crux of the problem, so you need to clean it thoroughly. Water usually does the trick, but you’ll have to wait patiently until it dries off or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

However, if the unit is leaking water, you need to call the professional immediately and have them take a look. They’ll usually repair it for a reasonable fine in a timely manner.

These common household emergencies are not insurmountable problems; in fact, some basic knowledge should allow you to tackle these emergencies by yourself. But if you ever end up in a situation when a particular issue becomes large-scale and goes beyond your skillset, it is not a disgrace to admit defeat and invite professionals who will solve them as efficiently as possible. In a way, knowing when to pick your battles – which valves to turn and how many planks to nail in – is exactly what will keep your household running.

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