Ideas for a Productive and Comfortable Home Office

When telecommuting and full-time home jobs were a rarity, it was normal that a home office is something that resembles a combination of an improvised desk and a dining room chair. These days when such employments take up a huge chunk of the job market, this is no longer an option. If you are spending eight or more hours working in your home, you need to have a real office that will inspire you to work harder and better. If you are ready to make this change, here are a few ideas and tips that will help you create a productive, functional and comfortable home office.

 Ideas for a Productive and Comfortable Home Office


Color it with productive shades

Have you ever heard of color psychology? It is much more than unfounded blathering. In fact, there is an actual science behind this. Also, the impact of colors on our mood is rooted in our language too (e.g. feeling blue, being green of envy, etc.). There are a couple of rules to go by when you want to design your office with color psychology in mind:

  • Saturated hues stimulate your brain, but if you go too far, they can induce stress.
  • Less saturated hues are more relaxing.
  • Blue is believed to sharpen your focus.
  • Green and yellow are soothing for the mind.

Let enough light in

Access to natural light is also a significant factor contributing to productivity and good mood. If you can, it would be best to choose a room that already gets enough natural light through the windows. However, if you can’t afford that luxury, try to imitate the warmth of the sun by layering lighting solutions (combine overhead chandelier, table, floor and wall lamp of different temperatures) or by installing full-spectrum light bulbs.

Don’t skimp on the furniture

Almost everything in your home office can be either improvised or repurposed, including the shelves and the desk, but the chair must be of the top quality. It’s not wasting money, it’s taking care of your health. This is especially important if you are working several hours each day. The extensive offer of home office chairs in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities will show you that you can find a fully ergonomic chair at a reasonable price, and still have leftover cash for decorative elements.

 Ideas for a Productive and Comfortable Home Office

Organize your workstation

Now that you have a desk and a chair, you need a few hints and tricks that will help you keep your workstation perfectly organized:

  • Make floating shelves for supplies above the desk;
  • Put a small side table in the corner next to your desk and use it as a shelf;
  • Attach clip-on organizers on the side of the table to keep your supplies;
  • Use binder clips to organize the cords;
  • Create additional storage with the wine crates and toy boxes.

Now, add some comfort

There is one clear difference between an office and a home office, and it is reflected in the world “home”, and you should play on this card when decorating. Your home office should be a natural extension of the house’s overall design (e.g. if your living room is decorated in vintage style, your home office should be designed with the same principle in mind). Some elements you can use to create that “homey” look that will keep you happy even when working late hours are shag area rug, a nook with a cozy armchair and a coffee table for when you need to take a break, family photos and, of course, houseplants that will further stimulate your productivity and improve your mood.

It’s easier to be happy and productive when your office feels like home, and there is no better place to create such an office than in your house. Start with the basic things, like furniture, paint, and light, and improve as you go.




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