Ideas for a Wardrobe Worthy of a Fashion Enthusiast

“I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw

If you agree with this statement of the most enthusiastic fictional fashionista ever, then you must also think that all of your gorgeous clothes deserve an equally stylish wardrobe, so you can show them off in their full glory. Any avid collector of clothing, bags, shoes and other fashion finds who regularly adds to an already lavish collection would enjoy having a space where all the things can be carefully arranged and displayed. Of course, we are talking about a walk-in closet. So, if you’re building or remodeling a home, now is the perfect time to treat yourself with the perfect storage space. Here are a few mouthwatering ideas.

Walk in wardrobes

Walk in and be amazed

There’s not a single fashion enthusiast who never dreamed of this envy-inducing storage space, so if you have the chance to build it – go ahead. Your budget and the size of your room will play a huge role in your decision and in the very space the closet will occupy. Even a small walk-in can be nicely organized if you incorporate space-saving solutions like a lot of shelving, roomy drawers, boxes to store smaller items, hangers, racks, etc. If you want to really use every inch of the space, go for floor-to-ceiling storage and pull-down clothes racks.

Open up

Let’s go back to our favorite fashionista. Remember when Big gave Carrie that amazing walk-in closet where he displayed a pair of dashing Manolo Blahnik shoes? That’s the kind of awe-inspiring sight you should strive for. To do that you will need open shelves where you will display your most impressive shoes, bags and accessories. If you’re operating on a tight budget, an open bookcase can accomplish a similar effect.

Mirror, mirror on the doors

Having all those clothes and no place to look at your reflection would be a shame. Now, you can always install a mirror inside the very closet or, if you have enough room, use a freestanding mirror inside, but if you truly want to get the best view, take a hint from Imperium Wardrobe from Brisbane, experts in installing mirrored, sliding doors for wardrobes.

Glam the lights

Proper lighting is essential for a functional wardrobe, but don’t settle with just proper, because you want more than mere functionality. Of course, you should use downlights to illuminate the entire space and task lights for the compartments, but to truly glam up your closet, go for a sparkling luxurious chandelier that will at the same time, provide ambient light and serve as a unique focal point.

Speaking of focal points…

Sure, your crystal chandelier will draw enough attention as it is, but what about the space underneath it? Don’t leave it empty if you can fit something else in. How about a simple stool with your favorite pair of shoes sitting on the throne or your jewelry collection on top? Or perhaps an island bench where you can sit while you’re putting on the shoes, and that can serve as a storage too? Or an elegant-looking ottoman that brings yet another dash of stylishness to the whole story?

Hang in there

One of the most important parts of every wardrobe is the hanging section. Make sure it is well organized by dividing it into two or more sections. One can serve for dresses, one for shirts, etc. Or you can divide them into pieces for work, pieces for day, pieces for night… It can be handy to include a valet hook attached to the side or the front of a divider or vertical panel in the wardrobe, so that you can build an outfit piece by piece and prepare it for the next day.

In the end, there is one more thing your wardrobe is missing – personality, but that is up to you to introduce. You can do that by using your favorite colors, hanging art prints and fashion quotes, displaying outfit inspiration photos or using your favorite outfit as inspiration for patterns and shades.


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