Make your home cat friendly

cat friendly home

In order to welcome a new furry addition to your family, some changes to the general house décor and organization are in order. Making a home completely safe for a kitten is not as difficult as it may seem at first. You just have to follow few simple rules, provide them with their own corner and keep your place nice and neat.

Remove anything breakable

People love to accessorize, but if you have figurines and other decorative bits and pieces that are easily breakable, it would be best to replace them with something else or completely remove them. Curious kittens and grown cats love to play with small objects and they’ll probably break anything that they find on their way, especially if it’s kept on the table or a shelf. You can decorate your home with wall ornaments and unbreakable accessories, or keep those that can be destroyed somewhere that’s out of the paw’s reach.

cat friendly home

Keep things closed

If you want your cat to be safe all the time, make sure to close the doors of cabinets, kitchen appliances, washing and dish machines as well as bin lids after every use. You shouldn’t leave these open anyway, so if you have a bad habit of leaving these doors open, you might want to start reminding yourself to keep them closed. For starters, you can stick some post-it notes so that you, or anyone else in your household, don’t forget to shut the doors properly and prevent a curious kitten from sliding in.

cat friendly home

Take care of leftovers

If there are some food leftovers, make sure to store them in the fridge immediately, so that the cat doesn’t get to them first. This can be very dangerous because there are certain foods that cat shouldn’t be allowed to consume. Also, don’t neglect your garbage bags that can be very inviting for a cat to go through as well, so get them out as soon as possible.

cat friendly home

Set up your kitten’s corner

Cats, and especially kittens, love to climb and scratch, so if you want to save your furniture and provide your cat with adequate replacement, make sure to set up its own corner, with scratch pole, comfortable cat beds as well as high platforms that would be their own source of fun and rest. Of course, don’t forget to get other essentials such as a sand box and cleaning products for your lovely feline friend.

cat friendly home

Hide the cables

You definitely don’t want your cat to meddle with the cables and cords around your home so it would be best to hide and/or organize them properly. You can easily get special cable holders, but also try some of the DIY solutions when it comes to cable organizing, detangling and storage.

cat friendly home

Store chemicals safely

Better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, remember to always place a protective lid on all your bottles holding some kind of a dangerous chemical. Keep all your cleaning products stored away in cabinets or even outside. Also, beauty products can be very dangerous for a pet when consumed, so make sure that your vanity table is always neat and all your skincare and makeup products neatly sealed and stored.

cat friendly home

Careful with plants

Decorating your home with greenery is always recommended by interior design experts, but there are some plants that are poisonous or harmful for cats if consumed. Check out the list of all potentially dangerous plants and flowers, so that you can avoid using those as decoration.

cat friendly home

Together with making your home safe, for a cat to live healthy and comfortable life remember to get yourself educated on best ways to care for a pet, provide them with enough love and attention and take them to regular vet checkups.

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