5 Ideas to Help Organize Your Cluttered Home

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According to author and professional organizer, Christina Scalise, “Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fuelled by procrastination.” Indeed, the clutter that often drowns households is the result of people not choosing to put away those empty boxes of cereal in the trash, or the clothes lying on the floor right when they see them.

If you are in dire need of order in your home to go through everyday life more conveniently or with a clearer mind, it is crucial to shift to a decluttering mindset now. 

Take an editorial approach toward your belongings to create complete rhyme and reason to your home situation.

Decluttering may seem simple in concept. To many, it’s just a matter of putting things away to clear space. However, if you want to really organize, careful planning is essential to make the activity even more beneficial, and the process more efficient.

If you need help with decluttering your home to achieve order and organization as soon as possible, here are five ideas that can help.

#1. Tackle Emotional Clutter First

It always helps to start a decluttering activity by taking care of the “difficult” stuff. These are usually the sentimental items that you want to hold on to but do not really serve a particular purpose in your life.

Take the time to assess their true value and decide on what to do about them.

#2. Work by Area, And on A Schedule

It is important to focus on just one place at a time especially if the whole family has agreed to get involved in the project. Not only will this cut the decluttering time for one area, it will also provide you with an immediate sense of accomplishment that will encourage you to move forward with the activity.

Aside from this, when you are all tackling the same area, you can create a “trail of activities” to help you know what was done to certain things, or where they went. Should you need to find particular items, there are people who can tell you exactly where they are.

#3. Purchase Top Quality Packing Supplies

Buy several storage boxes and other packing supplies to hold all the items that you will not be disposing of. These are sturdier, more spacious, and they can help organize items to be put in storage so much easier. You can label them and stack them on top of each other securely and safely.

These storage boxes will also help you compartmentalize excesses. Label the boxes “Keep,” “Give Away or Sell,” and “Throw Away.”

Additionally, such boxes would be helpful if you intend to bring them to a storage facility because they are designed for hassle-free relocation.

#4. Put Your Belongings in A Storage Facility

If you simply have a lot of possessions that you are not keen on giving or throwing away, it is best to put them in a storage facility. So, look for the best storage company in your area.

The advantage of putting the things you currently do not need in a storage facility is you can prevent them from easily making their way back into your house. Keeping the items you have at home to a minimum – mostly the things that you need or always use – is one of the top solutions for preventing clutter.

It is worth noting as well that turning to a storage company provides you access to other services. For example, if you have decided to store your possessions in mini pods, you may take advantage of packing and moving services. With these services, you can expedite the decluttering process in your home.

#5. Employ Professional Cleaning Services

If you want to get the decluttering process done as quickly as possible, why not hire professional cleaners? They will clean and help put things back where they need to be so in the future, finding the items you need will be a breeze – no more dust bunnies triggering your allergies, or the risk of getting hit by an avalanche of clutter.

A clutter-free home can restore the joy of time with your family at home. So, plan your house decluttering project now, and enjoy all the new possibilities for your home life.


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