Plant A Tree for Your Dad This Father’s Day!


What to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? You’ve have gotten him just about every tool there is, every yard gadget you can find. So what can be special about this year? The first thing that comes to mind is how proud of the yard he is. He’s always pulling a weed here, spraying a bug’s nest there, and standing back to admire his hard work, calling a tree expert every year to help him keep his landscaping immaculate and admired by all. Maybe you should get him something that will make him even more proud. You could plant a tree! That will be an excellent lasting tribute to him.

Plant A Tree

A tree makes for a great present because it is a living thing that adds oxygen to the air, provides integral contributions to the local ecosystem, yields fruit and flowers, and provides a place for children to shade, play and even swing on a tire-swing once the tree grows big enough! A nice watch or a warm sweater is a good present, but it is not as unique as a tree. Your father will never expect something like that, a thoughtful, living gift.

Buying a tree from a licensed arborist to certify it and ensure it is planted properly is always a good idea. The International Society of Arboriculture website helps consumers find and recognize knowledgeable, qualified tree care professionals – finding an arborist that is ISA certified is the best way to ensure you are working qualified tree professionals. ISA provides information for consumers all over the world from NY, USA to Edmonton, AB. It is important to ensure you’re purchasing a quality product that will act as a lasting tribute to your father.

Planting a tree is actually serious business: one must prepare a place that will allow for continuous growth and not interrupt the surrounding structures or ground. Hiring a professional is important and crucial to the tree’s survival since using the wrong equipment or materials can drastically ruin the chances for the tree taking root. If you plan to remove a tree and replace it, then hiring a professional is an absolute must. Digging into areas without knowing what lies beneath can be dangerous to the community and you.


Removing a tree involves more than just uprooting the old on and putting in a new one; it must be cut down so as to not damage any surrounding property and then the stump must be removed by way of stump grinding. The proper equipment should be used to perform this task; improper removal may cause damage to the new tree and potential damage to yourself! Again digging without knowledge of what’s underground may cause power outages, underground cable disruptions and other serious gas leaks, as well.

For best results for the best Father’s Day present, check with the ISA and learn how to spot a certified professional who offers tree pruning services and tree planting and removal, as well. Your gift will be something that is remembered for a lifetime if you engage a trained arborist to plant healthy, beautiful and happy trees.


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