Requirement of Cheap Asbestos Removal and Harmful Effects of Asbestos

A naturally occurring fiber, asbestos is an invisible toxic element which if inhaled can cause crucial health problems. In older establishments and houses, asbestos fiber was extensively used in ducts and pipe insulators, ceilings and floors. But they are being removed recently for reasons concerning the health. Asbestos consists of six different natural minerals which are cheaply produced and fire resistant, but the cost of asbestos removal is very high. It is so because of safety issues and labor involved in it. Until the 1970s the use of asbestos in industries and households was extensive but during the 70s it was identified as a harmful pollutant which leads to diseases like lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asbestosis and mesothelioma. The fibers inside the asbestos when chemically breakdown get mixed up with the air and the polluted air when inhaled leads to such harmful diseases. One of the reasons for the widespread workplace health hazard is asbestos, long-term exposure to which is lethal to human health. These health-related conditions have triggered the requirement of asbestos removal from households and all other workplaces. The government has put regulations and restrictions on the use of the cheaply produced asbestos which puts lives at risk.

Cheap Asbestos Removal
Cheap Asbestos Removal

Steps Involved in the Cheap Asbestos Removal

In your household or workplace, asbestos might be used commonly in places like floors, roofs, ceilings, gutters and pipes, walls and as insulators. As long as these are in good condition, there’s no harm in keeping it intact. It becomes dangerous only when the carcinogenic asbestos fibers are damaged or deteriorated.  Once the broken-down fibers are mixed with the air, they become harmful. Hence it is also essential to employ cheap asbestos removal for the sake of the budget. Thus, the cheap asbestos is required to be removed and the whole process of removal goes like this:

  • Identification and inspection of asbestos – Once you hire a professional contractor for the whole duration of cheap asbestos removal, they’ll start by surveying the whole area and identifying the types of asbestos used in different places. This step is required to measure the potential risk involved and to assess the workload accurately.
  • Asbestos Removal – This process is the immediate step after it is confirmed that asbestos fibers have been damaged. With different materials like full coveralls, respirators, HEPA vacuums, masks, gloves, etc. the laborers with full efficiency indulge themselves in the rat of careful removal of the asbestos fibers. It is mandatory to get this done by licensed contractors. The professionals carefully remove every fiber and finally use a vacuum to ensure every minute particle has been cleared.
  • Post removal inspection – After the total procedure of removal using the vacuums, the post abatement inspection is done. It is executed in order to make sure that the area is harmless from any asbestos fiber so that life and work can resume there.
  • Re-boarding – This is an optional process in which the areas from where asbestos has been removed require renovation, re-boarding and maybe even decorating. It is basically a restoration process of the same area to ensure that asbestos removal doesn’t turn that particular place useless.
Cheap Asbestos Removal
Cheap Asbestos Removal

In the recent years, a new process called asbestos encapsulation is being used as a substitute for cheap asbestos removal. This is used in cases where the damage is less. A liquid adhesive is applied to the asbestos which adheres to the surface and prevents the fibers from colluding with the air. This process is much cheaper than the asbestos removal because the extensive white suits are not required necessarily, the work is less labor intensive, and the super costly materials are also not required. With a much lower cost, the time involved is also less and the people or employees can continue living or work without any harm.

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