Solid Timber Flooring: A Feast for The Eyes


Our homes are truly an integral part of our lives. We work hard to earn and save enough so that we can buy a house of our choice. And to that extent, the things that you should put in your house should also be special. Right from the door that has your name on it to the sofa you sit on, everything must feel special. So, the flooring should naturally be a part of this and should be properly selected. We thus have the solid timber flooring which is a treat for the eyes.

Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber flooring adds the touch of beauty that every house owner looks for. The solid timber flooring also adds a dash of elegance, grace, and luxury to the house. It combines the classic and the contemporary and provides a visual grandness. When it comes to house decoration various new things come and go but the solid timber flooring is never out of style. The principle benefit of installing solid timber flooring is that the comfort that these floors offer is next to none. Timber naturally has low thermal conductivity. Thus, it makes your life easier by providing the added insulation.

When we think of our dream house we seldom think about the maintenance issues. Timber is low maintenance. Durability is another factor that one cannot neglect. Timber flooring can be recoated. Also, any damaged layer can be easily replaced. However, this type of flooring cost more compared to others, it also provides a better return on your investment. Now that you know about the solid timber flooring and its advantages we will look into how the installation is done.

Advantages of solid timber flooring

  • Site details: The most important aspect of installation is the house and the challenges it presents. Each house is unique and must be properly looked into to get the specific details of the installation. This will help to decide the requirement.
  • Preparation of the site: The site must be properly prepared before the flooring is laid out. The entire area must be properly examined and any necessary cleaning that needs to be done must be completed. This is essential for improving the durability of the flooring because the dust and other residues would cause a problem to the timber flooring over a period of time. It is a significant task and must be properly accomplished to provide the expected quality of flooring.
  • Prevent Moisture: Moisture just like dust is an issue for the solid timber floorings. The entrapment of moisture between the floor and timber would lead to the warping of timber and eventually affect the aesthetics and robustness. Therefore, moisture or vapor barriers must be used before the final installation of timber flooring is done.
  • Installation of timber: After the above-mentioned steps are carefully followed, final laying of the timber is done. A proper adhesive must be used for a proper bond between the floor and timber.
  • Floor Sanding: This next step must be taken after the adhesive is given enough time to harden and timber to attune to the surrounding. The main aim of sanding is to smoothen the installed surfaces. It may also happen that the concrete slab (floor) below the installed timber is uneven. In this case, sanding will even out the top surface. Sanding is a process which is also used to renovate the old timber floorings.
  • Coating: A coating is also a decision taken by the house owner as to which type of coating to be done. The coating would depend upon the maintenance preferences and needs. The coating can be done a number of times (usually 2 to 3) depending on the type of coat. During and after the coating for a few days, no movement on the flooring is allowed.
Solid Timber Flooring

The timeless appeal of solid timber flooring can never be underestimated. The visual treat and the satisfaction it provides to the house owner are truly astounding.

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