The Dos and Don’ts of Fire Protection


Mistakes are just not an option when it comes to fire protection. Any error has the possibility of causing fatal damage to the building, its contents, and may be even to its occupants. To avoid mishaps you may have to invest in a few fire protection systems that include:

  • Fire and smoke alarms: Smoke and fire alarms provide the necessary warnings to the occupants of the building whenever there are any mishaps. These systems help in taking the necessary action to control small fires before they spread and cause any serious damage.
  • Extinguishers and suppression systems: Individuals should be able to manage small fires by using extinguishers. However, in case of a larger fire, you will need to install suppression systems to prevent any serious damage.
  • Fire sprinklers: These are a must in large plants where there are chances of fire causing serious damage within the shortest span of time. Connected to a piping system, these sprinklers activate automatically in case of any mishaps due to fire.

Most commercial buildings have fire protection systems. But the adequacy of such systems is often put to test only in case of mishaps. If you want to place your building and its occupants away from the harm’s way, here are a few dons and don’ts you may have to followwith regard to your fire protection systems:

  • Check if your fire protection systems are in line with regulation
  • Provide proper training to the occupants of your buildings and help them understand the steps they need to follow in case of mishaps if any
  • Keep your fire extinguishers in clear and open spaces and make sure they are easily accessible
  • Maintain proper documentation with regard to the action and maintenance of your fire protection systems
  • Conduct regular tests of your fire protection systems to ensure proper functioning
  • Hire contractors and schedule routine maintenance of your fire protection systems
  • Make available emergency lighting sources in case of fire emergencies so as to provide a safe pathway for the occupants to leave the building
  • Make sure all occupied areas of the building are well-lit


  • Never brush off the need to test and maintain your fire protection systems regularly
  • Don’t neglect training occupants on the proper use of extinguishers
  • Don’t keep extinguishers incluttered areas that are difficult to access
  • Don’t forget to replace light bulbs when they stop working

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