Things You Should Know About Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener installation
Garage door opener installation
A garage door opener is a mechanical device which helps in opening and closing of garage doors automatically that’s controlled by switches which are connected to electrical circuits as well as remote controls. Garage door opener installation is not an easy task, it requires expertise and proper training on part of the installers to yield a fruitful result.

Structure of a Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener comprises a power unit that is connected to a track. The garage door can be opened and closed with the help of a trolley which is joined to an arm placed at the top of the garage door slides. A chain, belt or a screw pulls the trolley when the electricity is switched on. In case of a sudden power cut or any other emergency, the garage door is disconnected from the opener through a quickly released mechanism which is joined to the trolley. The distance at which the garage door opens, or closes is controlled by limit switches on the power unit once the signal is given from the switches on the walls or remote control.


Steps for Garage Door Opener Installation

  • The first thing you need to consider before installing the garage door opener is to determine whether you possess the kind of garage door where an opener can be installed. Most of the older types of garage doors cannot be provided with an opener and thus need to be replaced. Those which possess numerous horizontal sections can be provided with an opener.
  • Once you have decided that you can install an opener for your garage door, you need to choose what kind of opener you would like your garage door to have- a chain driven opener or a belt driven opener. The only difference between the two is a chain driven opener can make some unwanted noise while opening and closing the garage while belt driven one does its work quietly.
  • Before the garage door opener installation, you need to make your garage door ready for the operation. For that you need to consider the following points:
Garage door opener installation
Garage door opener installation
    • At first, you should see to the fact whether the garage door is functioning properly or not. If it is not, lubricate it in order to make it smooth.
    • You need to find out whether your door requires any repair work or not. You should also see if the door springs, pulleys and cables which take up weight of the garage door are showing any malfunction. If the door cannot be opened or closed manually then you should consider garage door opener installation.
    • Any wire or rope joined to the door of the garage should be removed otherwise they might result in accident by entangling the installer.
    • The garage door locks should be closed or deactivated to avoid any damage to the opener or an accident.

Garage Door Opener Installation Procedure

  • Different parts of the rail should first be assembled together.
  • Next, trolley should be installed above the rail.
  • Next, rail is to be fitted onto the motor compartment.
  • Then the pulley is to be fitted at end of the rail after which belt, or chain should be fitted around the pulley after which they need to be joined to a carriage through a screw.
  • Next, blocking is to be joined to the joists on the ceiling.
  • Finally, point of connection to a garage door should be traced and the bracket should be fitted onto the garage door.

Thus, with proper techniques of garage door opener installation you can easily get your desired garage door opener.

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