Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Yard This Spring

Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Yard This Spring

Don’t you love it when your home and your yard are both neat and clean? There is something about order that makes us calm and when our home is clean and well-organized, we’re proud of that. On the other hand, it can happen that those of us with seemingly endless patience face anger and frustration when the time comes for the yard to get cleaned up. It’s often difficult and time-consuming, but luckily, there are ways to make it easier. Make a cleaning strategy and tackle that boring job with confidence by following these useful tips.

Use the right toolsUse the right tools

This is the most important thing: being prepared and using the right tools to clean up the space. Double-check to see if your gardening gloves are whole, as you haven’t used them for a while. Good gardening gloves are of utmost importance to any gardener, and if you notice that yours are not salvageable from the season of gardening, simply invest in a new pair. For small jobs around your plants, you should use hand pruners and the branches which are higher will be easier to reach with ladder and a tree saw. All your tools should be in good condition and sharp, and you should also have a wheelbarrow where you can keep everything you need: gardening tools and materials alike.

Prune the branches

If the winter was harsh and very cold in your area, it’s likely that trees as well as shrub branches have been damaged. Winter weather conditions such as freezing wind, low temperatures, and snow can be harsh on the branches and you should prune them back to live stems. You will need a simple handsaw for any branch that’s larger than a half of an inch in diameter. When it comes to hedges, try shaping them with hand pruners instead of electric shears. You can also prune summer-blooming shrubs before you notice the buds swelling, but when it comes to spring-blooming ones, you should wait until they flower to do it.

Get rid of bulky wasteGet rid of bulky waste

If you get rid of large pieces of debris and waste, you will have more room to move and plant something new. This means that any tree branches, old rocks, or perhaps even old furniture you’ve been keeping outside, should be gone from your yard. Still, those stones and rocks might come in handy if you’re thinking about creating a decorative border in your garden or flower bed. Pile up the waste in one spot and call experts in rubbish removal from Sydney to take it all away. This way you won’t have to waste time on removing the rubbish yourself, which will give you more freedom to focus on what you actually like doing – taking care of your garden.

Make compost

You can easily make your own compost pile if you collect all the leaves, last season’s mulch, and spent foliage into one pile. On the other hand, you can also make your own compost corral if you join sections of simple wire fence into a cube (use three feet of wire for each side). If you want to use branches too, you should chip them as well as shred leaves, as this will speed up the decomposition process.

Get rid of bulky waste

The important thing you should keep in mind is that you simply have to be well-prepared. If you start cleaning without any preparation, you will soon learn that there are things which would make the job much easier. If you start on time and arm yourself with patience and the right tools, your yard will be wonderfully neat in no time, and you will be proud of your achievement.

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