Tips on Constructing a Practical Granny Flat

Granny Flat

Who does not want some extra room around the house, a granny flat can be an ideal choice for this. A granny flat can benefit you in many ways,  you can either provide kids with independence or provide supported care to elderly members or you can earn extra money by renting it out. At the same time, there are a few things that you have to give consideration to when planning on getting your granny flat. The foremost one is the size of the rooms that you will need inside the granny flat, light that will flow through into the flat and colors would all be part of the floor plan for granny flats. It is vital that all plans for the flat are well written and documented to provide the exact measurements for the constructions project.

granny flats
Granny Flats

Roomy Spaces for Living

It is always essential that you prepare granny flat floor plans that depict rooms with decent living spaces. It is best to have rooms of sizes larger than 14×14 feet. This way you will ensure that you have ample breathing space; your goal for building up such a space in the first instance itself should be to have some area of movement. Then there are the essentials of life; the beds, the lounge, the TV and other requirements for a basic living. Your granny flat floor plan should show and display how all of these other essentials will fit in the plan drawings and still accommodate enough space to move around and relax.

Natural Lighting and Fixtures

The brighter the better they say; this is true even with the granny flats. It is best to study the direction of sunrise and sunset; it will help you to recognize the important areas of positioning the windows in the flat. The granny flat floor plan could also include the use of double glazed windows. These windows are specifically designed to suit different weather conditions. and glazed windows are idea in the rain.

Granny Flat

Carriage House Plans

Then there are the carriage home plans that are a bit bigger in size than how the conventional granny flats began. Most people prefer these modern granny flats since it can do a bit more for them than the conventional ones. These granny flats floor plans generally have a lower area of parking that can accommodate at least 2 or 3 cars at a time and above which the living area is built. The living area accommodates bedrooms, recreation rooms, bathrooms and so on depending on the desired requirements. Some of these also have staircase from the inside going up to even a second floor which could be used as a store or a child play area. There are some larger flats that have a full built in kitchen or a kitchenette.

Regulatory office Paper Work

These days it is essential to have the formal nod from the town council and the building planning regulatory authorities before you begin any construction work on the granny flat. The flat floor plans will have to be presented to the council to get the approval of your design and plan depending on meeting safety and regulatory criteria.

Choosing the Construction Company

There are many ways you can get by on the construction, if your granny flat floor plans are strong and easy to work with, you could even try your hands on the construction, and you can get a kit of building granny flats that will fasten the project work too. If that is not your area of interest, you should hire a reputable builder to bid for the work and try to have a couple of bidders to get out of the project.


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