Tips on How to Protect Your Flooring

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Everyone is proud of their homes, and we all spend hours trying to make it look a beautiful and comfortable as possible. There is a lot of money and hard work that goes into decorating and maintaining your home, and therefore it is of utmost importance to protect it as much as possible from damage. Floors are obviously the most used part of our homes- after all, which other area gets stamped, danced, spilled and even slept on at the same time! If you’ve recently installed new flooring, whether it’s birch hardwood floors or tile, it’s important to care for it with regular maintenance to avoid damaging it as far as possible and keep it looking new for years. Here are some top tips on how to maintain your flooring:

Use floor mats

It’s a good idea to use floor mats- especially in the most used areas of the house, such as outside bathrooms and at the entrance. Mats also prevent water from seeping into your floors and damaging their texture and colour. In addition, if moisture is allowed to seep in, fungus and moulds can also grow between your floor tiles, and if left alone, the damage can be so extensive that the flooring may have to be removed and redone completely. Therefore matting your floors is an excellent idea to protect and enhance their lifespan. Mats are available in a variety of colours and fabrics, and not only do they protect the floors, but can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the whole room.

Keep the temperature and humidity levels constant in your home

Humidity and moisture in the environment can also lead to extensive floor damage. Most people think that moisture can only come from water directly poured over their flooring, but even the humidity in the air can have a serious effect on the health of your floors. During the winters, we usually use heating systems and these can have an especially adverse effect on wooden flooring. Wood expands in heat and this may result in cracks and cause the wood to lose its shape. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep humidity and temperature regulated throughout the year in your homes.

Clean your floors regularly

There are many great floor cleaning products that you can find off-the-shelf in the market to clean all kinds of floors-wood or tile. Always ensure that you don’t use cheap products, which can cause permanent discoloration and severely damage the look of your floors. It’s also a good idea to get the help of a professional floor cleaning service at regular intervals to not only have your floors cleaned spotlessly, but also to check for any mould or cracks that may have developed.
A lot of money is invested into installing new flooring, and therefore we all want to protect our investment and also keep our homes looking impeccable. It’s best to use matting on your floors to protect them from damage and enhance the visual appeal of your home as well.
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