Top Home Improvement Trends in 2018


The New Year is quickly approaching and home improvements are quick to follow the signal. Interior designing experts have commented on the designs which look like they’ll be seen frequently in newly remodeled homes. So if you’ve been missing out on a chance to remodel your home, here is how you can benefit from the New Year’s forecasted trends and give your house a makeover.

Floral Prints

Ever since their conception, classic floral prints have been in the spotlight a couple of times, but they’re expected to make a grand comeback in 2018. However, these will be different from the mellow prints of the old times, so expect to see bolder colors that contrast with each other. Also, they’ll be used in various mediums such as pillows, chairs, bedspreads and even drapes.

Statement Flooring

You may have expected last year’s trend of statement walls to pass in with the new trends this year, but statement flooring is all the rage now. There won’t be a restriction when it comes to the color palette so whether you prefer bold-colored geometric tiles or softer toned hardwoods in herringbone-styles, you can choose them to make smaller rooms and spaces appear larger.

More Color In The Kitchen

Sadly, the era of the all-white kitchen was short-lived and new designs are focused on adding more color to the area. Cabinets will go towards medium toned wood with flat surfaces and cleaner finishes. The neutral element of the cabinets will make space look more inviting and add warmth to the environment. If you plan on remodeling your home then opting for colors such as dark blue, deep red or even purple can be an excellent idea as colored kitchens work better at hiding stains and all the wear and tear associated with cooking. Also, statistics show that a colored kitchen will increase a house’s overall selling price on the market.

Warm Tones and Vintage Lighting

Interior spaces tend to stand out more when there are richly colored pieces placed in there. It applies to sitting rooms and living rooms where furniture such as sofas will be seen as brightly colored to add a touch of personality to the room. An overall warmer tone is also expected to become popular and will include beige and camel colored palettes that will add more warmth to your home. Vintage lighting is set to appear in remodeled homes in the New Year. They contribute to the aesthetics of a room and act as a statement piece, which brings together other aspects such as flooring and furniture.

Backsplash and New Sinks

Backsplashes have been popular for quite a while, but their upcoming return is all about wallpaper styles and symmetry, which can help any art on your kitchen walls stand out. Sinks are adopting the ‘more color’ trend as well. They were previously limited to white colored or basic steel, but are now moving away from this trend towards the innovative style of naturally colored elements such as stone and copper, which add a pop of color.

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