Ways to Introduce Italian Design into Your Home

Italy is one of the most special countries in the world and it offers every home decorating aficionado a ton of inspiring and romantic design elements that can take every home to a new level in a matter of seconds. Italian design is characterized by classic lines, traditional ornaments, soothing colors and open spaces, so introducing some of these elements into our homes is definitely something we all need to do. However, it’s not as easy and simple as it seems, so here are a couple of ideas that might help you introduce Italian design into your home.


The rising popularity

Everyone who steps into an Italian home can feel something special there, but not everyone is able to explain that feeling and understand what’s so unique about Italian decorating style. What you need to remember is that it’s all about different layers, luxurious pieces, elegant and subtle décor, visually appealing focal pieces, calming yet effective colors and unusual material that can be described only as classic and timeless. It’s basically more than a home design trend – it’s a philosophy of life, and all those attractive elements separate it from other trends and make it so popular nowadays. So, what can you do to bring a piece of Italy into your home too?


Open space

Italians are all about comfort and there’s nothing that’s more comfortable than open space – no doors means no constraints, no limitations, no boundaries and no pressure. That’s why you should think about turning your home into an open space like that in a few simple ways: start by keeping all the doors constantly open and, if you start liking the idea, remove them completely. After a while, you could try tearing down a few walls and turn two or three smaller rooms into one huge room that the whole family can enjoy. In the end, don’t forget to keep your windows open at all times and get that fresh air in.


Elegant floors

This is something all your guests are going to notice as soon as they step inside your home. Elegant terrazzo floors are the epitome of the Italian style and something people in this amazing country have been using for centuries, so it’s safe to say you can’t have a proper Italian-like home without this feature. This material is adaptive and versatile, so it’s easy to combine with whatever furniture you have, but it’s also strong and durable, which means it’s going to be there by the time your grandkids welcome their grandkids into the world. These are all the reasons why so many people choose to equip their homes with decorative terrazzo flooring today, so you definitely need to take this idea into consideration too. You have plenty of options here as you can include stone, glass or even mirror chippings into your terrazzo floor.


Classic pieces of art

Besides decorative moldings, classical ornaments and big floor-to-ceiling mirrors, Italians love to show how sophisticated they are by displaying classic pieces of art around their homes. Even though it seems unusual, hanging a painting or two on your walls instantly elevates the level of elegance in your home, so think about what you might want to hang yourself. You don’t have to be too traditional, of course, and go back to the Renaissance painters, but find something that excites you and shows your style. The same goes for figurines, busts and small sculptures – all of these are going to show the world how stylish and refined you are.


Unusual furniture

Italians aren’t just about traditional and classy furniture, but also about pieces that seem unusual, although they’re actually quite comfortable and elegant. From simple sofas and dinner tables to extravagant lounge chairs and lamps, these pieces are shifting the paradigm of traditional Italian furniture and you certainly need some of them in your home too. They’ll easily become the centerpiece of your living space and a focal point everyone’s going to notice in a matter of seconds.


Italians have always been able to teach the rest of the world a thing or two about fashion, food and football, but it’s their decorating and furnishing trends we need to explore as well. Turning some of these ideas into reality might not be easy, but keep the end result in mind and your home will thank you for introducing it to the Italian interior design.



Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her traveling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration.

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