5 Beautiful and Useful Accessories for Your Letterbox

Even if most people these days opt to go about their correspondence digitally, there is still a steadily growing community of folks who are making letterboxes relevant again. They are the community that fancies the romance of letter-writing swaps and exchanging lovely pockets with small trinkets or presents.
Such creative activities can only go around through traditional post; hence, the need for a proper letterbox.
So, if you are among the many who still see great value in a letterbox, you may want to accessorize your letterbox and let it be an extension of your fun lifestyle. Doing so will not only make it an even more important contributory feature to your curb appeal, it can also serve other functions.
There are so many accessories that you can use for your letterbox.
If you head to Pinterest, you will see the different artistic designs people have come up for their own mailbox. Most of their accessories were purchased from hobby stores and hardware shops. But if you want to keep yours aesthetically pleasing but in a simple way and you are more focused on function, here are five accessories that you should consider:

1. Bell or buzzer

This is something to invest in if your letterbox is located within a considerable distance from your front door, and you have a guard dog that likes to harass the postman.
Attaching a bell or buzzer to your letterbox will help your postman to notify people in your house that mail has arrived, without having to knock on your door (and having a messy encounter with Rover).

2. Newspaper ring

If you still have your daily newspaper delivered to your house, a newspaper ring is definitely an accessory you should consider for your letterbox. Some letterbox designs already have this feature integrated, but if yours does not, it would be nice to have it added.
It is important to mention that a newspaper ring attached to a letterbox can also hold small parcels. Delivery services can just hang the packages from the ring. Keeping small delivered items off the ground is a must. It will prevent pets and people from stepping on them accidentally.

3. Address plate

Making your mailbox more identifiable never hurts, and the best way to do this is by using an address plate. A lot of suburban communities these days have similar house designs that tend to confuse postmen and delivery services.
If you have your letterbox right in front of your lawn, it can definitely help postal workers and logistics services to locate your home more easily. They will not only get a number but the entire address and even the name of the letterbox owner as well.
Address plates can be customized according to your liking. There are different stencils to use and stick on numerals and letters. Some even come in glow-in-the-dark options, so even on a dark day, your letterbox will still be visible to anyone who has mail to deliver to your household.

4. Lights

Lights are not just charming add-ons to mailboxes, they are quite useful, too. Some letterboxes already have solar powered lights highlight the number or address of the property.
Meanwhile, some people buy everything from flexible LED strip lights to spotlights and whimsical twinkle lights – not necessarily to make the letterbox more noticeable. Sometimes, people just like to deck out the components of their curb, such as their mailbox, especially during the holidays. It is just a fun thing to do to make seasons or occasions even more festive.

5. Planter

The letterbox, most of the time, is already out on the curb, right? So why not decorate it with a planter?
A planter will make it stand out even more and the letterbox would be such a welcoming sight and blend in as a functional complement to your curb and well-manicured lawn. The planter can be a hanging type or a box in which the letterbox post is “planted” into.
So, these are just some of the accessories that you can use to deck out your letterbox. These are just a few recommendations that you can play around with if you like beautiful and useful elements around your property.
If you want more ideas on how to enhance the look and function of your mailbox, check out Pinterest. It offers an abundance of inspiration that will allow you to create a stylish letterbox that completely meets your requirements.


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