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Where Do Interior Designers Really Shop for Decor?

If you are ready for a fresh new home, then you’re ready to get the help of a good interior designer. Karin Ross Designs has years of experience helping homeowners’ dreams come true. Your dream is within reach, and one of the reasons an interior designer can help you is because they know just where to shop to find the perfect items for your home.

Local designers

When ordinary homeowners go shopping for interior design, they’re usually limited to the offerings at local big box stores and the bigger department stores they’re familiar with. It takes time, dedication, and expertise to become familiar with all the local offerings.

You want to know which consignment furntiture stores may have an antique one-off item that could transform your living room. You might want to find the best place to order handmade cabinetry to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind, distinctive look. Professionals like Karin Ross Designs have the inside track.
Curating collections

It takes expertise, time, and effor…

3 Interior Design Tips You'll Want to Know

Maybe you just bought a house or you’re looking to make a change to your well-loved home, but you aren’t sure where to start. Here are three tips to help you start the interior decorating process.

Consider your priorities
Before you start approaching companies or tearing out your cabinets, first think about your priorities. What can you absolutely not live without? This answer might come from what you decide the purpose of the room is.

If you’re redesigning your kitchen, you might decide you’d like a small eating area where you and your partner can enjoy breakfast together. You might consider your current living room and realize you never watch your enormous television, so you decide to create a clever hiding space for it (after all, you’ll still need it for the big game).

Be realistic with yourself during this phase: if your living room does not have space for a large sectional, you might not want to make that a priority. Consider the space, your current needs, and any future needs that…