Where Do Interior Designers Really Shop for Decor?

If you are ready for a fresh new home, then you’re ready to get the help of a good interior designer. Karin Ross Designs has years of experience helping homeowners’ dreams come true. Your dream is within reach, and one of the reasons an interior designer can help you is because they know just where to shop to find the perfect items for your home.

Local designers

When ordinary homeowners go shopping for interior design, they’re usually limited to the offerings at local big box stores and the bigger department stores they’re familiar with. It takes time, dedication, and expertise to become familiar with all the local offerings.

You want to know which consignment furntiture stores may have an antique one-off item that could transform your living room. You might want to find the best place to order handmade cabinetry to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind, distinctive look. Professionals like Karin Ross Designs have the inside track.

Curating collections

It takes expertise, time, and effort to build a relationship with collectors all around the country and get familiar with what they have to offer. Knowing where to find that perfect piece, or who to ask for help in sourcing it, is what your Karin Ross Designs experts can do. They curate collections of the finest pieces in various decorative styles. These could be vintage furniture pieces from the 1930s, art deco revival from the 1960s, or rescued wood items.

Online collections

There are so many choices when you go online that it can be overwhelming. From small online boutiques to antique dealers, fine department stores and made-to-order designers, there’s almost nothing you can’t get off the internet.

And that is precisely the problem. You have a job, family, and other responsibilities. How can you find what you need for your remodeling project? Once again, leveraging the expertise of an interior designer who knows the market is what makes the difference.

Department stores

What you see at your local mall is not all the department stores have to offer. For one thing, you might not have the selection of high-end retailers in your local mall that actually exist in the world of department stores. And the high-end stores may not display all their wares at every location.

Your interior design professional knows what the best stores, like Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s, have throughout their collections. They know where to source quality items that don’t always appear on the showroom floor at the local mall.

Hotel collections

Fine hotels need quality items to provide the best experience for their guests. From luxury bedding to fine wardrobes, elegant bathroom accessories to dramatic or muted lighting, the best hotels have great taste that can also work in your space.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with a remodeling project, it helps to hire an interior designer who knows where to get the best of the best. In some cases, the best will be available from a hotel supplier.

Art galleries

Some people are happy to put just about anything on their walls: a few family photos, some framed photographs from a recent trip, and whatever is available at the local big box store. If you’re looking to upgrade your space, though, that’s probably not what you want.

Pairing fine art to the rest of your decor is a challenge, and it’s one that Karin Ross Designs can help you meet. They will help you plan and execute designs that reflect you.


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